20 DIY Coffee Beauty Products

Whether you are a coffee fan or not, there is no denying its popularity, nor its benefits. Over the last several decades, coffee has been heavily studied by scientists and nutritionists to find its benefits. It’s been known for a while that moderate coffee consumption can lead to a longer lifespan.  Did you know though, that coffee can also be beneficial in a different way? According to scientists, beauty experts and even health sites, such as Healthline, coffee may be incredibly beneficial for your skin.

How can coffee benefit your skin, you ask?  Well, for one it has has been known to decrease the appearance of cellulite, it has anti-aging benefits, there are vitamin B-3 which has proven skin cancer fighting benefits, it’s even great for after-sun care and fighting acne!  Seriously, the list goes on. These benefits are just part of the reason why coffee is so great to use in your beauty products. If you are wanting to try out some coffee beauty products yourself, here is a great list of 20 DIY Coffee Beauty products to try out!

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  1. DIY Exfoliating Sugar Scrub – Quick and easy to make, this DIY Exfoliating Sugar Scrub is awesome for smoothing your skin.
  2. DIY Coffee Scrub for Smooth & Cellulite-Free Skin – Did you know that certain sugar scrubs can help with your cellulite?  This coffee scrub can!
  3. DIY Coffee Scrub – Are you looking for a scrub that would be great for a foot or a hand scrub in addition to a body scrub? This DIY coffee sugar scrub can be used for all the above!
  4. Autumn Morning Coffee Sugar Scrub – Taking a shower with this coffee sugar scrub is a great way to wake up in the morning.
  5. Coffee and Cream Bath Bombs – With this bath bomb recipe, the binder used is milk powder.  That means that coffee and cream come together for a creamy, bubbly bath that smells like your morning cup. 
  6. Coffee Exfoliating Facial – Give your face a fresh new feeling with this coffee exfoliating facial.  The exfoliating facial is great for removing dead skin cells and improving blood flow. 
  7. DIY Coffee Soap – Homemade soap is a great way to avoid all the chemicals of store bought soap.  This DIY Coffee soap includes your favorite ingredients!
  8. Coffee Sugar Scrub – Sugar Scrub is fantastic for exfoliating your skin, for getting rid of dead skin cells and for improving the look of your skin.
  9. Coffee Oatmeal Scrub Soap – Coffee grounds make a great exfoliant for homemade soap and the included oatmeal is great for your skin.
  10. DIY Coffee Body Scrub – Wake yourself up with this DIY Coffee Body Scrub!
  11. Cinnamon Coffee Sugar Scrub – This cinnamon coffee sugar scrub will wake you up and make your skin feel fresh.  Plus, it takes less than 10 minutes to make with just 4 ingredients!
  12. Smoothing Coffee Scrub – Do you want a little help smoothing out your skin?  This smoothing coffee scrub will do just that!
  13. Coconut Oil Sugar Scrub – Coconut oil is a great product to use in your DIY beauty products.  This Coconut Oil Sugar Scrub will make your skin feel wonderful!
  14. Homemade Coffee Body Scrub – There are a lot of sugar scrubs on this list, none better than the others.  They are all great!
  15. Coffee and Cream Soap – Make this Coffee and Cream Soap to go along with the Coffee and Cream bath bombs we talked about earlier.
  16. Peppermint Sugar Scrub With Coffee – The smell of coffee and the refreshing feel of peppermint come together in this sugar scrub.
  17. Chocolate Coffee Coconut Oil Face Mask – Do you want the skin on your face to feel smooth and smell amazing?  This Chocolate Coffee Coconut Oil Face Mask will do just that!
  18. Hazelnut Espresso Lip Balm – Is there anything better than a lip balm that smells and tastes amazing and makes your lips feel soft and wonderful?!  You are going to love this Hazelnut Espresso Lip Balm.
  19. Coffee Bean Candle – Okay, this coffee bean candle may not exactly be a beauty product, but when the space around me smells amazing, it helps me relax.  
  20. Exfoliating Coffee Soap Recipe With Cardamom And Lime – This soap utilizes shea butter, coffee, cardamom, and lime, which together are great for exfoliating and also help reduce the appearance of cellulite. Plus, it smells amazing.
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20 DIY Coffee Beauty Products

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