8 Ways To Go Camping In Pennsylvania – Without A Tent

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Camping has a reputation for being a cold, wet, dirty, and all-around unpleasant way to get out and enjoy the great outdoors. While tents have earned this gloomy status, there are other ways to enjoy nature without a big name hotel chain.

Glamping in Pennsylvania is taking the world of family camping vacations by storm. Not only are they a fun, creative, and — dare we say it? — educational way to enjoy quality family time, they also let us maintain the comforts of home. (Hint, hint – flush toilets!) Check out these new twists on the classic camping trip, but don’t blame us if you feel the need to getaway sooner rather than later.


8 Ways To Go Camping In Pennsylvania Without A Tent

1. Yurt – What do the Mongolian steppes and Pennsylvania Dutch country have in common? Yurts! Traditional, Mongolian yurts can be rented by the night for a truly unique glamping experience.

2. Teepee – Cross spending the night in an authentic Native American teepee off your bucket list. This dream come true is readily available for your family to experience.

3. Covered Wagon – Have your children studied the history of the westward expansion in school? Let them live what it was like to travel in a covered wagon for the weekend. (See! We told you glamping could be educational.)

4. Treehouse – Anyone who has ever read “Swiss Family Robinson” has had the secret desire to live in a tree house. While there aren’t any pirates in Pennsylvania the last time we checked, there is still plenty of good times to be had. Tree house at Lake in Wood Campground
5. Train Car – Choo-chooo!! Train lovers unite! Climb aboard your very own caboose in this special glamping adventure for the train lover in your life. Live out your engineer fantasies for a week or just one night. We won’t judge if you pack denim overalls and a red bandanna to dress the part.

6. Tiny House – The Tiny House movement has been sweeping the country over the last decade. Perhaps you’ve been curious if you could downsize to a few hundred feet of living space. Renting one for the weekend will give you a better idea if you could survive this tiny trend.

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7. Double Decker Bus – Who wants to fly all the way over to London and endure dreary weather and worse food just to check out a double-decker bus? No one – that’s who. Fortunately, you can spend the night in one right here in Pennsylvania. Boom! Take that, London.Double Decker bus at Lake in Wood Campground

8. RV – Park model RV rentals let you enjoy nature while chilling indoors and watching the big game. Hey — no one said family time couldn’t include a little football!

Park model RV at Lake in Wood Campground

Luckily, at Lake in Wood Campground, They’ve got all of the above glamping opportunities and more! From yurts to double-decker buses, they have the most to offer of any RV campgrounds in PA. Of course, if you really want, you can bring your own trusty tent for a more traditional approach to camping.

We visited the campground in August and had a great time. We stayed in a lakefront park model. It had a cool loft area where my son and nephew slept. loft area in park model cabin at Lake in Wood Campground It also had all the comforts of home including a full kitchen, bathroom, cable television and a cozy fireplace. full kitchen in park model cabin at Lake in Wood Campground

bathroom in park model RV at Lake In Wood campground

Master bedroom in a park model RV at Lake In Wood campground




The view from our patio

It also had a nice sized patio. It was very comfortable.  There was lots to do at the campground.  There were several playgrounds, a basketball court, mini-golf, swimming pools and more.

playground at Lake In Wood campground Another playground at Lake in Wood Campground

It rained the day we arrived and again the next morning so we spent quite a lot of time indoors which was a perfect way to connect with the family. If you’re looking for a fun family getaway, consider traveling to Lake in Wood Campground. They offer something for everyone!

Lake In Wood Campground is located in Lancaster County at 576 Yellow Hill Rd, Narvon, PA 17555. To schedule a stay, visit their website at https://lakeinwoodcampground.com/.  There’s still time to visit before they close for the winter.



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8 Ways To Go Camping In Pennsylvania – Without A Tent

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