How To Make Your Own DIY Soccer Shirt

August is here which means the start of a new soccer season. My son just recently joined a new soccer club and we were just informed that training will begin within the next couple of days. Z.E.N. played basketball for seven years and out of the blue decided that he wanted to try soccer this year. He started playing this spring and even though he’s new to the sport, he has performed very well. He plays so well that his coach has been inviting him to play on his elite team. Z.E.N. has so much basketball gear and shirts since he’s been playing it for so long, but he doesn’t have much for soccer so I decided to use my personal DIY vinyl cutting machine to create a soccer shirt. I’m going to share the shirt with you today, along with a quick tutorial to show you how to make your very own DIY soccer shirt while enjoying a refreshing glass of Tampico Mango Punch!

DIY Soccer Shirt


Materials needed to create your own custom soccer T-shirt

  • A blank shirt of your choice. From my experience, cotton t-shirts have worked the best for me.
  • Vinyl cutting machine. This is the cutting machine I use and love.
  • Design. I found the image of the soccer ball here.
  • Heat Transfer Vinyl in the color of your choice. I use this brand of vinyl, but there are many brands to choose from.
  • Cutting mat.
  • Craft knife of weeding tool.
  • Regular Household Iron.
  • A glass of Tampico Mango Punch to add some delicious flavor into the process.

When making this DIY iron on t-shirt, I:

  1. Created the design. You can create your own design or use a pre-designed cut file making sure it is the size you need to fit on your material.
  2. Clicked to create it using my design software.
  3. Made sure the design was set to print backwards using the mirror image function. (You always need to do this for iron on designs).
  4. Cut a piece of vinyl to fit your design and placed it onto a cutting mat so that the shiny side of the material was facing down on the mat.
  5. Cut the design using my vinyl cutting machine.
  6. Removed the project from the mat and then weeded out the excess vinyl material.
  7. Centered the design on the shirt. If you would like, you can use a ruler or t-square to get it perfectly center. I usually just eye-ball it.
  8. Used the Iron to iron on the vinyl. Your iron should be set at high heat with zero steam. Make sure to press firmly on the edges.
  9. Poured a glass of Tampico Mango Punch to quench our thirst after making our DIY t-shirt.

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cutting diy design on vinyl cutting machine

DIY Soccer Shirt

Z.E.N. really loves his shirt. He wore it recently on a trip to the beach and he has declared that it is one of his favorite shirts ever!


I suspect this shirt will be in heavy rotation!

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DIY Soccer Shirt

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How To Make Your Own DIY Soccer Shirt

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