How to Save at BJ’s Wholesale Club

You Can Save a Lot of Money When You Shop at BJ’s Wholesale Club

Buying groceries isn’t cheap. In the US, the average family grocery bill is around $340 per month, although it’s easy to spend a lot more than that. There are steps you can take to make buying groceries on a budget a lot easier, such as cutting coupons, looking for weekly supermarket bargains and using those frequent shopper cards whenever possible. but, if you still find that too much of your hard-earned money is being spent on food and toiletries, a membership to BJ’s Wholesale Club may be the answer.

How to Save at BJ's Wholesale Club

BJ’s wholesale warehouse club has been saving savvy shoppers money on their grocery bill for over 30 years. There are over 200 BJ’s, mostly on the East Coast, as well as in Ohio. About 60 percent of those BJ’s stores have on-site gas stations. This means you can save at the pump as well as at the checkout. BJ’s doesn’t just sell groceries. You can also pick up electronics, stationary, garden furniture, items for the school or office, and home appliances.

outdoor furniture at BJs

No need to go to half a dozen different places to buy what you need. Run out of t-shirts, underwear, and socks? You can get those essentials at BJ’s too. Think of it as one-stop shopping for all your household needs.

But most people join BJ’s Wholesale Club to save money on groceries, and there are plenty of ways to do that. BJ’s has some of the lowest prices around. If you are buying in bulk, you are going to save even more. Buying in bulk also saves you valuable time – no need to drive to the store in a week’s time to buy more diapers or toilet paper.

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You can stock up on diapers at BJs

You can also use manufacturers’ coupons alongside BJ’s coupons, and if you are buying a four pack of something, the coupons can apply to each of those four items. BJ’s website also makes buying groceries on a budget easier, as it features online coupons and specials that you simply print out. We saved over $10 this week at BJ’s!

Coupon savings

If you haven’t visited a BJ’s, you may be pleasantly surprised at the variety and quality of the food sold. BJ’s is the only wholesale club that has a deli. And the chain is always adding organic and natural products to its already wide range of grocery items. BJ’s Wholesale Club is also a great place to pick up gifts like jewelry, books, and electronics for just about anyone.

You can shop for computers at BJs
Parenting is hard enough work, without having to spend more time and money for groceries than you need to. A membership at BJ’s will pay for itself several times over really quickly.

Not a member? BJ’s is currently offering a free 3-month trial membership. Sign up and start saving money today.

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How to Save at BJ’s Wholesale Club

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