I Tuned into #SharkWeek for the 1st Time, I’m Hooked

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In case you didn’t already know, Shark Week is back! What is Shark Week you ask? It is a week-long series on the Discovery Channel that is dedicated to sharks. It’s been on television since the ‘80’s. I can’t believe it’s been on for so long and that I’ve never tuned it! It was originally created as a way to correct misconceptions about sharks and help with conservation efforts. Over the last 29 years, Shark Week has evolved into something that is both educational and entertaining. It’s become somewhat of a cult classic. It is broadcasted in 72 different countries and has become an event that people look forward to every year.

This year, I decided to see what the hype is all about. Let’s just say I’m so hooked, that I wanted to share what I love most about #SharkWeek so far.

After the 4th of July, summer quiets down a bit. Shark Week is now something I can look forward to during the lull of summer. Shark Week has a strong cult following – viewers anticipate it all year long and love to celebrate with fun crafts, even brands join in on the fun too.

I’ve decided to join in on the fun and created a Shark Week themed t-shirt. Here’s how I made it.

Simple DIY Shark Week Shirt


  • Vinyl cutting Machine–I used my Cricut Machine
  • Heat Transfer Vinyl–I used Siser Easyweed HTV in white, but you can use whatever color you like.
  • T-shirt
  • Iron

Vinyl Cutting Machine and HTV


1. First I created the design in Cricut’s Design Space. I used an image of a shark silhouette from Wikimiedia Commons created by  Amanda44 and the JLR Waves font created by GorillaBlu to create the design.

2. Once your design is finished, decide what size you want your iron on to cut, size your image accordingly.  Then click the “make it” button in the Cricut Design Space.

3. Next, make sure you click the reverse image button for each design. Otherwise, when you go to apply your Iron On vinyl to your project, it will be backward.

4. Set dial on the machine to “Iron-On” setting. This will make sure your Cricut completes a “Kiss Cut” by only cutting through the top vinyl layer.

Cricut Iron On Setting

5. After that, you just place your image onto the mat and  load your mat into the machine and cut.

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Vinyl HTV on Mat

6. After your image is cut, you need to remove the negative space from around the image. This is called weeding. Once your image is weeded, you are ready to iron it on.weeded design

7. Heat an iron to the hottest setting and pre-heat shirt with it before placing vinyl down on the shirt, shiny side up and vinyl side touching shirt (make sure steam setting is OFF). Place a pillowcase or thin cloth on top of design as a press cloth. Press iron down over cloth using medium pressure for about 30 seconds. Turn shirt over and press the iron down for another 30 seconds.

8. Let cool for a minute and remove the clear film. If the vinyl is lifting off of the shirt, place the film back on and iron again for another 10–15 seconds.

Shark Week Shirt

Here’s the finished product. What do you think?

DIY Sharks Rule t-shirt for Shark Week

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Make sure to tune in to all the fabulous shows airing on the Discovery Channel this week. Have a little fun with it and make your own Shark Week Shirt too!

Simple DIY Shirt For Shark Week

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I Tuned into #SharkWeek for the 1st Time, I’m Hooked

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