Showing Off Soccer Skills

After six years of basketball and 7 years of track, my son decided to try a new sport, namely soccer. I resisted a bit, thinking he would be a bit behind because many of the children in our area started playing soccer when they were much younger, but I relented and signed him up. He joined a local club mid-season and worked hard to learn the basic skills like passing and dribbling. He practices in our yard daily and has now been working on some more advanced skills like the rainbow and the chilena. He hasn’t been able to put these advanced skills to test yet during an actual game so when I told him that this month’s challenge was to put on a show, he was more than willing to show off some of his soccer skills like the foot stall and shooting.



In fact, he spent a few afternoons showing off some of his more advanced skills. I made it a point to record his moves because one of his past coaches advised that video is a really good tool for players. It’s a great way for players to review their game and improve.  Anyhow, here’s the video if you want to take a look.

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Showing Off Soccer Skills

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