Tips On Helping Your Child To Successfully Learn An Instrument

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Does your child want to learn an instrument? Learning an instrument as a child is quite an exciting time. This new and fascinating experience could open up limitless possibilities throughout the lifetime of your child. Learning to play a musical instrument can also be very beneficial to your child.  Numerous studies have shown that music education improves academic performance. It’s especially beneficial to helping children do better in math. This is because one of the keys to learning music is being able to understand fractions and ratios as these concepts relate to beats, rhythm, and keeping time. Music education also helps children with important social skills, such as learning to work together when performing as part of a band or choir.

Tips On Helping Your Child To Successfully Learn An Instrument

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It is important to note that it takes skills to read music notation and learn to play an instrument.  Luckily, my son’s school has a music program. He has a period of music every week.& Through this music program, my son has learned to read music and has learned how to play the handchimes. Never heard of handchimes?  Neither did I until my son started playing them. They are a percussion instrument and they look like this:

Hand chimes - Image by

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This is what they sound like:

Cool right?

My son, however, says he doesn’t really like playing the chimes. Instead, he wants to start taking guitar lessons.  I’m all for it and ready to support him as much as I can. Below are some tips on helping your child to successfully learn an instrument:

Believe in Your Child

Believing your child can absolutely learn to play well is the best way for him or her to achieve success.

Be Committed

Research has shown that making a long-term commitment is one of the most important factors in being successful in music education.

Acquire the Best Instrument Within Your Budget

Using a bad instrument to play is similar to running in improper shoes.  If the instrument makes it difficult to produce pleasant sounds, this could affect the motivation of your child.

Find the Best Instructor Possible

A good instructor will assist in coaching your child through rough patches.  Additionally, he or she has the tools to assist him or her in turning things around when it gets difficult. If you’re looking for a good music instructor, try Guitar Center. All Guitar Center Lessons instructors are passionate, playing musicians who want to help your child reach their musical goals.

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Be Reassuring

Resist the urge to consistently point out the things being done incorrectly by your child. Encourage them by pointing out something they are actually doing well. You could start by commending him or her on being dedicated and hard working. Children typically do more of what is praised, so that can be used to your advantage.

Figure Out the Thing That Motivates Your Child and Do It

As your child’s skills improve, this will become their motivation; however, at first, they will need assistance with sticking to the task.  Determine what motivates him or her and repeatedly do it. 

Discourage Your Child From Giving Up

Sometimes it can become very challenging and your child could want to quit practicing.  Do not give up as this is quite normal.


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Tips On Helping Your Child To Successfully Learn An Instrument




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Tips On Helping Your Child To Successfully Learn An Instrument

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