Tips on How To Have A Simple Backyard Picnic With Your Family

This winter seemed longer than ever. After being cooped up inside for so long, my family and I are ready to embrace the outdoors. When I was younger, my parents took us on a lot of road trips. My mom used to pack a giant cooler with food and drinks, and we would have little picnics at parks and rest stops along the way. My sisters and I used to really enjoy them. They were a fun family activity that left us with lots of warm memories. Sadly, we haven’t had any picnics since then.

A few weeks ago I was visiting my parents and looked through one of the family albums. Seeing old vacation photos of us brought back those memories. It’s been a rainy spring. I decided that as soon as the weather improved; I wanted to do something fun with my own little family.  The first thing that popped in my head was a picnic.  My family had never experienced a good old-fashioned picnic, and I decided that I would make it happen. We have a large backyard which would make the perfect setting and just the act of eating outside can make even a simple meal seem like an adventure, and what an adventure it was.

Are you looking for a simple, quick and fun activity to experience with your family? Here are some tips to have a backyard picnic of your own.

Keep it simple. It’s easy to over-complicate things. Don’t. Keep it simple. I wanted the picnic to be a spur-of-the-moment thing. I didn’t really do much planning, except for checking the weather forecast.

Check the forecast: Check the weather forecast, so you don’t head out with your lunch right before an afternoon storm. This spring has been quite a wet one. It has rained almost every day for the past month here in New Jersey. Don’t let bad weather ruin your plans. Make sure to check the forecast and schedule accordingly. If it does happen to rain on the big day, bring the picnic inside!

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Use what you have. There’s no need to go on a shopping spree for the big red checkered tablecloth or cute picnic basket. I don’t have a cute checkered tablecloth or a picnic basket. I used a tablecloth I already own. Be creative. You can use a blanket, comforter, pillows, small mats, or towels to sit on. The more colorful, the better! Also, I used trays and baskets I had in my pantry for the food.

Backyard picnic setting

Plan the menu: Make it simple! Keep the food simple and uncomplicated. Choose foods that your family loves and food that is easy to eat and handle. Don’t forget to add something you can snack on afterward, like fresh fruit.

Games and fruit complement your backyard picnic

Choose a refreshing beverage. A picnic is not really a picnic if you don’t have some fun picnic drinks to sip on while relaxing in the sun. Serve your refreshments in fun containers like mason jars or fancy glasses. Tampico Blue Raspberry and Citrus Punch are our beverages of choice. They only have 30 calories per serving and after so many grey days, They are making our family’s lives more colorful. refreshing beverages for your family picnic

Have a good time. Bring along some entertainment like a Bluetooth speaker and some games. Create a family-friendly playlist that will please everyone. Play your favorite family board games or engage your family in some friendly sports competitions. My son is obsessed with soccer so of course, we had to play a game or two!

play games during your family backyard picnic

This summer we plan on doing as many activities as we can as a family. Join us and follow along to do your own Summer Scrapbook Challenge with Tampico and keep track of all of the colorful moments your family experiences this summer!



How to Plan a simple Backyard Picnic

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Tips on How To Have A Simple Backyard Picnic With Your Family

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