7 Father’s Day Gift Ideas That Will Make Dad Happy

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Back in the day, coming up with Father’s Day gift ideas was really easy.  My dad loved to wear suits to work and always appreciated a nice tie or dress shirt.  Now that my dad is retired, it’s a lot harder for me to come up with gift ideas. A recent poll suggests that all dads really want is to relax and feel appreciated. Hopefully, this list of Father’s Day gift ideas will allow your dad to do a little of both.

Fathers Day Gifts

Swim Trunks -this may seem a little odd for a Father’s Day gift, but when was the last time your dad bought new ones? If he’s like a typical dad, it’s probably been a while. Pick him out something trendy but age appropriate.trunks

A Watch – Some dads may opt for the classic analog watch, while others may want a sync-it- with-my- phone-and-computer, do everything, super-duper Inspector Gadget electronic smartwatch. You know best which he’d prefer, but either way, every time he checks the time, he will be reminded of you.


Beer Brewing Kit – If your dad likes drinking beer, take it one step farther and let him create his own. Kits generally contain everything he will need to get started, and he’ll remember you when he drinks his new favorite brew.beer making kit

Slippers – Dads are notorious for not spending money on new things for themselves, so help him out by giving him a new pair of slippers. There are some particularly nice loafer styles that are lined with fur that look super comfy.


Grill – If your dad’s into tailgating, a portable charcoal grill would be a great gift. Choose one with a covered grill surface, that is easy to transport, clean, and pack up. If he’s more inclined to grill at home, look at a few of the gas grills in the marketplace today. If your dad considers himself to be a grill master, check out some of the accessories to go with that new set up. He can always use some long-handled tools, skewers, grill baskets, and apron.portable grillSmall Video Camera – It’s an undisputed fact. Dads like toys and gadgets. The more gadgety something is, the better. The small Go-Pro type cameras are right up your dad’s (read: every guy’s) alley. Whether he is filming his daily jogs, turns it into a dashboard cam, or attaches it to Fido’s collar for a really interesting perspective of life, one of these little cameras will provide hours of endless entertainment.

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go pro

Drone – This is another one of those gadget things, that men just have to have. Coupled with a small camera, they can get into places and see things where they’ve never been before.



A Day to Do What He Wants – If he golfs, get him a day at the local (or vacation) golf course. Is he a fisherman? Give him a day of deep-sea fishing or on his favorite local lake. Give Dad a day to do just what he wants; sometimes he may feel like he’s being pulled in a million different directions; let him have a day or weekend to do exactly what he wants to do.

Most dads don’t like to shop, so they will be happy you made the effort to find them something. Dads really like cards, too; but don’t let that be a substitute for some personal time. Dads, like everyone else, really just want to feel appreciated.

Here’s some more Father’s Day goodness for you to enjoy!

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7 Father’s Day Gift Ideas That Will Make Dad Happy

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