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Be Active to Maintain Strong Bones Throughout Life

Be Active to Maintain Strong Bones

Something I never really thought about when I was younger, but now find myself thinking about is how to maintain strong bones. When the body is not given sufficient nutrients, it will often begin to draw on its reserves.  This is especially true for women with insufficient calcium intake.  Maintaining a healthy and balanced diet is vital for avoiding problems like osteoporosis and osteoarthritis.  It is also important for us women to be active and engage in a range of strength-building activities.  Just as getting the recommended daily amount of calcium is essential for maintaining strong bones, weight-bearing exercise is essential for building and preserving bone density.

What Is Weight-Bearing Exercise?

Although activities like walking, jogging, cycling and aerobics are great for weight loss and for improving heart health, these do not make the best contributions towards building strong bones.  These are known as cardiovascular exercises given that they build heart and respiratory endurance.  Strength training, however, actually increases bone density and can even reverse bone loss. Thus, a woman with insufficient calcium intake throughout her child-bearing years can limit the effects of this deficiency by performing activities such as squat, lunges and push-ups.  Another way to build up your bone density is by lifting weights.  I have to admit that I have not really delved much into lifting weights, but have done a few workouts with hand-held weights.  I need to change that.

Strategies For Increasing Your Calcium Intake

For some women, getting the recommended daily amount of calcium can be challenging.  I, like most people assumed that dairy is the greatest source of this essential nutrient.  Although women can get plenty of calcium and other nutritional benefits from foods like yogurt, low-fat milk and cheese, calcium is also found in leafy green vegetables.  Spinach, kale, collard and mustard greens and chard are also great calcium sources which is perfect since I use spinach and kale daily in my green smoothies. This must also be a huge relief for people who are lactose intolerant as well as vegetarians and vegans.

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In addition to eating the right foods, it is also possible to increase your calcium intake to maintain strong bones by taking a calcium supplement.  Products such as Viactiv Calcium Chews are designed to be easily digested and absorbed by the body so that women are getting optimal nutritional benefits when taking them. I love that they come in a variety of flavors like caramel, milk chocolate, and sugar-free milk chocolate flavors.  They come individually wrapped which makes it easy to take your calcium on the go.

Be active and maintain your bone health with Viactiv Chews.

Be Active!

What’s the best way for you to build and maintain strong bones?  Be active! Women can start protecting their bones and actively working to build strong bones by implementing balanced exercise programs.  Both cardiovascular fitness and weight-bearing exercise are essential parts of a balanced workout plan.  The diet should include regular servings of low-fat dairy products as well as ample quantities of leafy, green vegetables, which are highly beneficial overall.  It is also important to avoid foods and beverages that are known to leech calcium out of the bones such as carbonated beverages like soda.  In order to ensure that they are getting the recommended daily amount of calcium, women can additionally consider the benefits of taking a calcium supplement.

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This is a product-provided, sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Viactiv. The opinions and text are all mine.

What are you doing to be active and maintain strong bones?


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