Help Kids Unwind And Relax With An After School Routine



Your kids have put in a full day at school and now they’re home, hungry and loaded with homework! Establishing a consistent after-school routine will help kids know what to expect, behave better and make afternoons less chaotic overall. Helping kids to relax after school is an important part of their day and can help to keep their stress levels healthy. Kids need to unwind after a day of structure and just enjoy simply being at home sweet home. Here are 4 simple activities that can help children to make the important transition from school to home, renewing them for another day of learning…

Here are four simple activities to consider as part of your after school routine. These activities can help children to make the important transition from school to home, renewing them for another day of learning…

Physical Exercise

Playing and exercising are natural ways to help control the stresses that kids encounter daily. Visiting the park or playground to play basketball, going for a bike ride or taking a swim can go a long way to help kids reduce stress. My son absolutely loves playing basketball and plays just about every day. Letting off some steam by working up a sweat is incredibly therapeutic.

Z.E.N. Playing Basketball

Get Artistic

Activities like coloring, painting, and drawing are relaxing and calming. These activities can also help relieve stress. Make this fun and easy by setting up an art corner for your child. 

 Listen to music

listening to music is very effective at helping the body and mind to relax. Studies show that listening to your favorite music increases dopamine. Regardless of the type of music, listening to it will help fix a bad mood. My son likes to listen to hip-hop!

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 Take a Snack Break

After a long day at school, kids need something to keep them fueled until dinner. Most days, my son makes a beeline for the kitchen because he’s hungry. Then he heads downstairs to spend a few minutes with his grandparents (my in laws moved in with us last spring).

Enjoying an Afternoon Snack With Grandma

I like to make sure I have healthy snacks on hand that he can just grab. Hubby recently discovered these Outshine Fruit Bars. 

Outshine Tangerine Fruit Bars

He’s been trying to get us all to eat more fruit. He saw these in Stop and Shop and thought we might like them so he brought a box home. I’m really glad he did because we all enjoy them. Not only are they low in calories, they feature real fruit or juice as the first ingredient.  They are also an excellent source of Vitamin C. I also love the fact that they don’t contain any artificial colors or flavors and that there are no GMO ingredients in most of their fruit bar offerings. You should try them!  For a limited time, you can save 75 cents on outshine fruit bars and yogurt bars. Download your Outshine coupon here!

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Help Kids Unwind And Relax With An After School Routine

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