Back to School Blues

Going back to school - school supplies

Well school opens around here in a few weeks, three weeks to be exact.  After a summer of sleeping in and carefree lazy days, I don’t think I’m quite ready for back to school!  I am actually dreading it because:

  1. I am not a morning person and will have to wake up at around 6:15 to get Z.E.N. ready for school.  He’s slow as molasses in the mornings and he has to arrive at school by 7:50.
  2. Z.E.N. is very picky about what he wears.  Even though he will be wearing a uniform, I envision fights over whether or not he’ll wear a shirt and tie vs. a polo shirt, or whether he’ll wear a button down sweater vs. a vest, etc.
  3. I’m bad at coming up with school lunch ideas that Z.E.N. will eat.  I have pored over Pinterest boards and magazines to get ideas, and while I have found lots of great ideas the issue is whether or not Z.E.N. will eat them.  He came back home with his lunch barely eaten quite a few times last year.
  4. I have to drive a little over 5 miles each way to get to Z.E.N.’s school.  That, in and of itself is not bad, the bad part is that I have to cross a couple of railroad crossings and of course, the days that I’m running late are the days when trains decide they want to stop me in my tracks.  Of course the school bus is always an option, but the bus arrives at our stop at 6:40, and um, there’s no way this kid will be ready by then.
  5. I’m not ready to deal with homework.  Yeah I know Z.E.N. is only going to be in the first grade, but last year there were times that both Philip and I were stumped by his Kindergarten homework!  Seriously, since when did Kindergarten become so hard? On one occasion, I literally made calls to a few people to see if they could understand it.  Nobody did.  I finally gave up, made him pick the answer he thought was correct and and wrote a note to the teacher, letting her know that we had some difficulty in coming up with the answer.  If Kindergarten homework was hard, I can’t imagine what first grade homework will be like!
  6. Last year I did a bad job keeping up with the school calendar.  On two occasions, yes 2, I somehow totally missed the fact that they were having half days.  Luckily the school has an aftercare program, so Z.E.N was placed in aftercare on those days.  Duh!
  7. We love to travel, and before Z.E.N. started school full time, we used to just get up and go.  Now we have to work travel around his school schedule.
  8. I am not looking forward to all the commitments that come with having a child in school.  There will be home school association meetings to attend, fundraisers I’ll have to support, Box Tops to collect, and volunteering at school events.  Ugh!
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I guess I should be happy that school will be back in session.  I’ll finally have a few hours to myself!

What are you dreading about sending the kids back to school?

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  • I feel your pain! While I’m excited to have two kids in school full time, I agree that I have a hard time keeping up with everything that goes along with having kids at school.

  • My two boys are actually starting pre-k this year, they will go half a day. I am excited to have time with just the baby everyday but dreading having to get them used to a routine, dragging the baby out in the winter to take them to school and go back 3 hours later to pick them up. I know it will be a great thing for then though!

  • I am glad that my daughter is back to school. I am NOT glad that we will be dealing with math homework again 🙁

    • The way they do math now is so different. My friend recently attended refresher math courses for parents sponsored by her son’s school. I think more schools should offer that.

  • I have one starting school on Wednesday, and one the week after. The things I’m dreading… Getting Drake up at 7 am, and him not falling back asleep 10 times. Sierra is used to getting up early…sort of. Getting her to start going to bed early (and Drake too), is probably going to be difficult as well. Drake is really excited though!

    • Yes, getting Z.E.N to go to sleep earlier is going to be a challenge for me as well.

  • My littlest one started back already. He’s been back 3 days. My blues center around not knowing what to do without the demands disguised as requests all morning long, and of course, the petulant whining about homework he doesn’t want to do. I promise I don’t understand it. That’s why it’s so hard for me to be creative about de-whining him when it comes to reading time. I keep working at it though! I had parent involvement meetings way before the first day of school! lol

  • I have a list of 500 school lunch ideas on my blog – some of those may help! 🙂 I know it’s hard to figure out what to send that will actually get eaten.

    Maybe you will learn to be a morning person when you see how productive it feels to get up and get things accomplished early in the morning! I know that helps me. 🙂

    • Thanks for the lunch ideas Sadie. I guess one of the reasons I’m not a morning person is the fact that I go so bed so late every night. Some nights I get only 3-4 hours of sleep. I really need to start going to bed earlier!

Back to School Blues

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