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Chuck Season 4 Finale – No Guts, No Glory

45b7b19cb4_Chuck_S4DVDThe popular action drama Chuck, now entering its fifth season, has garnered a lot of interest. Millions of Chuck fans who have been hooked on this hit series were blown away by the season 4 finale that was full of excitement and fun. If you too have been following this series and are keen to know how the season 4 unfolds, keep reading.

Before finding out how Chuck season 4 finale wraps up, here is a brief overview of  all the seasons of Chuck. Chuck, a computer geek unexpectedly receives an email from a friend. The email contains spy secrets that get embedded into Chucks brain.

Season 1 focuses on how the government tries to retrieve the confidential data from Chuck.

In season 2, we learn about Chuck’s struggles with his newfound secret spy life. We are also introduced to Fulcrum, the espionage organization that emerged as the key antagonist in the series.

In the next season, the story moves forward and Chuck was portrayed as a more confident spy. His personal life went for a toss but he managed to give up emotions to fulfill his new responsibilities.

In season four, the geek gone spy is putting everything on the line, available for pre-order here:  In this season, we follow Chuck’s search for his mother and many developments in his personal life. With his Intersect suppressed, Chucks usefulness ends for the government. Later, Chuck decides to form a spy organization on his own. In the finale episode, Chuck is up against his nemesis to save his and his brides life. The episode titled Chuck versus The Cliffhanger is an exciting one, full of action packed sequences and some thrilling revelations. A fitting finale episode of an exciting and adventurous season, this episode is a must watch for all Chuck fans.

This is a preview of Chuck Season 4 Episode 24

Life is filled with challenges.  We all have to deal with them, however, it’s how we deal with these challenges, especially the big ones, that make a difference. I really admire the fact that even though he knew he would face some serious challenges, Chuck risked everything and did what he had to do to save Sarah.   A big challenge I faced in my life was when I was pregnant with my son. I recently blogged about it here. I was told that my son would be born with a deformity and that there would be potential risks to both myself and the baby.  I was asked if I wanted to abort and I declined.  Maintaining a positive attitude and having the courage to deal with all the complications was was got me through that very stressful ordeal.

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What big challenges have you faced in your life?  What did you do to overcome those challenges?

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  • Wow, you really did have to go through a tough time with your pregnancy. Glad all ended up well. Doctors gave me a scare, too, when I was pregnant. Apparently my umbilical cord didn’t have the correct number of arteries/veins so there could be a chance of heart complications for the fetus. She ended up fine thank goodness!