CO2RE Intima Laser Treatment Can Improve Your Life

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CO2RE Intima Laser Treatment

Ladies, does it feel loose down there? Is your sex life not as fun as it used to be? Unfortunately, this is something that can happen as a result of childbirth. You’ve heard friends and family say that everything will eventually go back to the way it used to be before you gave birth, but oftentimes, that just doesn’t happen. Your anatomy won’t cooperate, but that doesn’t mean you are doomed to a less-than-happy life.

Scenario two. You are older and the days of buying tampons and pads are long gone, however, you feel like you’re in a desert and everything hurts. Wasn’t it supposed to be better now? Yes, it can be.

No matter where you are in your life, CO2RE Intima laser treatment is a non-surgical laser treatment that restores vaginal health and can produce benefits beyond your wildest imagination. You can benefit from this procedure that is virtually painless and can be done in your doctor’s office. It delivers energy to your vaginal walls, which in turn, stimulates healing response that enhances moisture levels and helps remodel tissue fibers to give your vaginal wall more flexibility, an improved shape and a host of other improvements that can make you happy and more confident once again. The procedure takes only about 15 minutes and doesn’t even require local anesthesia to make you feel like a vital woman once more.

Many patients experience improvement after only one treatment, although for best results you should schedule three procedures in three to four week intervals. After the third treatment, you should have an annual maintenance treatment to retain your results. Best of all, there is virtually no downtime as you can resume normal activities right after the procedure, however, you should refrain from sexual activity for seven days.

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In Practical Terms, What Does This Mean?

Your vagina will be tighter, and you may not have to use K-Y every time you and your partner are in the mood. You’ll have tighter internal muscles and you won’t pee every time you laugh or sneeze. Other benefits are also apparent. This treatment also helps restore the pigmentation of your vulva, which can darken as you age.

How the Treatment Works

CO2RE Intima is an in-office, non-surgical, laser treatment that works internally on vaginal tissues and externally on the labia through controlled energy that stimulates cells to produce collagen. This process changes skin tissue to restore flexibility and shape in addition to moisture levels. When thinning tissue is treated, it becomes healthy tissue again, plumping up mucosa, in turn, produces more lubrication. These treatments can target vaginal burning, itching and dryness, along with painful intercourse due to insufficient moisture and lubrication, cosmetic changes that occur from aging and can help with mild incontinence issues that are especially prevalent following childbirth.


Some women have immediate results while others need several treatments to see progress. Therefore, the Co2RE Intima cost may vary based on how many treatments you need.

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The post is brought to you by Activate by Bloglovin and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone.
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CO2RE Intima Laser Treatment Can Improve Your Life

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