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Connecting with the Linksys e4200 Wireless Router: A Review

Cisco LinksysE4200Z.E.N. recently started Kindergarten at a brand new private school that boasts that it will be the most technologically advanced elementary school in NJ.  Only time will tell if their claim is true, however, with that in mind, I tried to buy school supplies that will allow him to continue his high tech education at home.  So along with the regular school supplies such as pencils, crayons and notebooks, I have been shopping for a new mouse for his computer (yes, he has his own computer), USB flash drives, as well as a new wireless router since we are an ultra digitally connected household.

Linksys Wireless G RouterWe have been using a Cisco-Linksys WRT54GL Wireless-G Broadband Router, but I’ve been told that this is pretty old technology.  Who knew? I’ve never had any problems with it, but nevertheless, I was very eager to purchase a more advanced router. Lucky for me, I happened to learn about a campaign to review the new Cisco-Linksys E4200 Maximum Performance Simultaneous Dual-Band Wireless-N Router and was sent a brand new unit to review.

The Linksys E4200 is the newly designed, top of the line Linksys router.  It is part of the E-series family and offers speeds as high as 450Mbps. This is the actual unit I received:

Linksys E4200 Dual Band N Router

Linksys E4200 Dual Band N Router Contents

Linksys E4200 Dual Band N Router Contents 2

Linksys E4200 Wireless Router

Linksys E4200 Wireless Router - Ports

As you can see, the unit is very small and has an ultra cool charcoal gray matte finish, which makes it pretty sharp looking.

 Key Features:

Some of the key features of this router includes:

High Speeds

The Linksys E4200 offers very fast speeds and boasts transfer rates in excess of + 450 Mbps speed.

Wider Coverage

The unit includes 802.11n wireless technology and offers a very wide range which helps to create a wireless network that is very, very powerful. It also features an internal antenna to boost signal strength so that you can access the signal from every room in your house.

Dual-Band Technology

Because the unit features dual-band N technology (i.e. 2.4 and 5 GHz), it is built to avoid interference which allows for easy transfer of files, wireless gaming and Video streaming in HD.

Speed Booster

The unit features a high quality internal antenna which allows it to provide consistent high speeds all over your home.

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Advanced Security

Stop people from mooching off of your Wi-Fi network with the advanced security features.


Installing the router was very, very easy using the supplied software. I inserted the CD into my CD-ROM drive and followed the step by step instructions and was up and running in no time.  During the installation I was able to set up a security password that would be used when connecting other computers and devices to the wireless network.  Here are a few screens shots from the installation phase:

linksys E4200 installation screenshot 1

linksys E4200 installation screenshot 2

I hard-wired my desktop computer directly into the Linksys E4200 router, and added 2 more desk top computers using the easy setup key.  I also wirelessly connected a netbook and 2 iPhones to the router.

After receiving confirmation that I was connected, I performed an internet speed test.  Here are the results:

linksys E4200 internet speed test screenshot

Not bad indeed!  I’m not certain if this is faster than the old router, but surfing the net does seem to be a little quicker.  I do notice however that the signal is a little weak when I use my netbook downstairs. Also, for some reason, the signal to Philip’s iPhone seems to be intermittent, while the signal is consistently strong on my iPhone.  We have no clue as to why he is having this problem.

linksy E4200 Dashboard Screenshot

Also included in the Linksys E4200 software are parental control settings which will allow kids to use the internet more safely.  This is a big concern of mine since Z.E.N. is becoming more and more interested in using the internet.

I also love the fact that it includes a guest network which is a network setup specifically for visitors to keep them off of your personal network.

There are a few things that I do not like about this unit:

  • The unit cannot be mounted on a wall.  It has to sit flat.
  • The bottom of the unit seems to get very warm.

The Linksys E4200 Max Performance Wi-Fi-N Router is available directly from the manufacturer and from other retailers.  The MSRP is $179.99, but you can find it for less at Amazon.

Disclosure: I received a complimentary unit of the product mentioned above to facilitate this review, but all opinions are my own. No monetary compensation has been received.

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  • Interesting piece of kit, Diane. I have always had trouble with the internet since changing from the old ‘plug in to your phone line’ system. Wireless simply doesn’t seem to suit my 18th century flint walled cottage. Maybe the signals don’t penetrate flint too well. Thanks for sharing.


  • Sounds like you made a very solid choice for your router upgrade Diane. Dual N Band technology is screaming fast on devices that can take advantage of it. I recently had a WRT54GL Wireless-G router go belly up on me (after 4 years of continuous use) and replaced it with a Belkin Dual Band router. The speed difference was astonishing! The guest access feature seen in your screen shots looks intriguing (and useful).