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The Courage Of A Brave Woman #Cbias #BraveWoman

No Domestic ViolenceMany people would agree that society should have progressed to the point where domestic violence no longer exists. Sadly, this is not the case. Many women still find themselves in situations where they are victims of violence, sometimes in their own homes. During times when there is trouble at home, women can feel like they are alone, and that they do not have the support necessary to make positive, lasting, and healing changes. Thankfully, the Brave Woman website exists, and it offers women the support and courage that may otherwise be lacking in their lives.

The Brave Woman Mission is something you may have heard about if you are familiar with the website. The mission is to empower women to make the courageous choices necessary to live happy, productive lives free from threats of violence. Because leaving unhealthy situations is such a struggle for so many women, the Brave Woman website offers encouragement and stories of success from real women who have made the choice to leave violent, and unhappy situations. One out of every four women will experience domestic violence her lifetime. Though this is a terrible statistic, it also means that there have been numerous women who have broken free from the bonds of a bad relationship or domestic situation. My sister is one of these women. She unwittingly became a victim of domestic violence earlier this year. As hard as it was for her at the time, she summoned the courage to leave the relationship.

Not only does the Brave Woman website offer advice and strength to those who suffer from violence at home, but it also offers help to women who have experienced violence in the workplace. The Brave Woman website acts as a space where women can share their stories and offer encouragement to those who need it most. Many women feel marginalized by the dominant forces at work, and in the worst cases, this can lead to violence. offers guidance to women who are unsure of how to stand up for themselves, and it gives advice on how to leave negative workplace situations with dignity and courage.

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Domestic violence is something that no one should stand for. Unfortunately, it continues to occur all over the world, despite society’s continual advancement and enlightenment. In these situations, abusers seem to have all the power, but the only reason that these abusers wield power so violently is because they are afraid. Most of all, they fear a brave woman who will speak truth and leave a bad situation before it gets worse. By visiting, women can find others like them who have been victims of violence, and they can get the help and courage they need to leave awful situations, and start living the lives they deserve.

To learn more about the Brave Woman organization, please visit  You can also find them on Facebook and Twitter.

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  • It does exist, and its a true shame that more people aren’t talking about it, doing something to stop this madness! I commend you for putting this out there!

  • A great idea…I think there are so many women who just don’t know where to go to get advice or help. There is still such a stigma attached to any kind of abuse or violence. Women need to understand that they can get help and end the cycle–whether it is at work or home. Thank you for sharing.

    • Yes, that’s why I really like this organization. They are making a real effort to get the word out that women can get help.

  • Thank you for helping build awareness about this important cause.

  • I am saddened by how often abuse continues to happen to women. Thanks from sharing and for bring attention to this issue! You sister is truly a brave woman!

  • It’s great that you are helping to spread the word about this topic. Many women don’t know where to get help or just afraid to take the step.

  • Thank you for sharing this great cause. It is unfortunate that domestic violence is still around and that it’s often acceptable behavior for outsiders looking in to think it’s okay.
    I hope this post will enable those reading to reach out for help!

  • Excellent post! I appreciate your spirit!
    Thank you for taking part in this important campaign and spreading the word!

    My very best to you and yours in the New Year!

    • Thank You! I really like this cause and love the fact that it brings awareness to this serious issue as well as support for tose women who need it. Happy New Year to you and your family as well!