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The Dangers Associated With Distracted Driving

The advancement of technology has ushered in an era that has literally placed a multitude of mobile devices at our fingertips. All these new devices can be very beneficial; however, for all of those advantages, they can be dangerous or even deadly when used at inappropriate times.

Using a cell phone or tablet while operating a motor vehicle could result in distracted driving, which can cause accidents to occur. My state, the state of New Jersey, as well as many other states across the country has laws in place that prohibit the use of mobile devices to make hand held calls or send text messages while driving and this is as a result of the astounding statistics that have resulted from distracted driving. For example:

  • More than 3000 people have died as a result of distracted driving.
  • On any given day, over 600,000 drivers use their phones to make calls and over 100,000 drivers send text messages while driving.

In an effort to make the streets of New Jersey safer for all its users, drivers are invited to sign the Plymouth Rock Distracted Driving Pledge. The pledge is essentially an indication that drivers are committed to remaining focused at all times while they are driving on the road. There will be no eating, grooming, using of cell phones, watching videos or engaging in any other activity that could result in distracted driving.

Plymouth Rock Assurance kicked off their pledge campaign last weekend at Six Flags Great Adventure. There, they unveiled a pledge wall and urged people to make the pledge.

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sign the pledge

In attendance was Plymouth Rock’s President and CEO Gerry Wilson, New Jersey Senate Candidate Peter Inverso, and Lindsey Giannini, Miss Atlantic County 2013. All three have undertaken efforts to try to prevent people from engaging in distracting behavior while driving with the hope of saving lives.


After a few brief introductions, the pledge wall was unveiled.

I was among one of the first to make the pledge.

my pledge


At the end of the day, I returned to the pledge was and was so happy to see that so many more people had also made the pledge.

pledge wall

While other types of distracted behavior might have more severe and greater consequences on driving behavior, the use of cell phones is the most common and contributes to a significant amount of crash involvement. At any given moment throughout the day, 11 percent of motor vehicles that are on the road are being operated by an individual who is using either a hands-free or hand held phone.

The biggest takeaway here though is that many motor vehicle accidents can be prevented. People need to realize that only a couple seconds of distraction can result in horrific accidents, causing loss of employment, loss of limbs, medical expenses and even death. Sign the Plymouth Rock Distracted Driving Pledge and make a conscious effort to exercise great care while operating a motor vehicle.

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  • Everybody knows the problems with distracted driving but still almost everybody engages in some sort of activities that distract their driving. It is nice to make pledge with yourself that you will care more.

    Also, it is great to see insurance companies, car manufacturers and other for profit organizations get involved in these initiative.