De-Bugging Your Home

Girl with flyswatter - © Franck Boston - Fotolia.comHow many times have you gotten up in the morning to find your legs, arms or even belly covered with little bites? Sometimes these bites were gathered the night before while hanging outside with mosquitoes while other times you may have experienced a spider in your bed or bed bugs causing you issues overnight.

If you believe you are experiencing the results of mosquitoes or other lovely outdoor bugs there are some home remedies that many mothers swear by to stop the itching and swelling and dramatically reduce the appearance of the bite in as little as a few hours.

This is especially helpful if you have big plans within the next few days. It will ensure that you won’t have to endure the teasing of fellow classmates, significant others or family, at least not because you have bug bites covering you.

The Banana Remedy

Ok, so even if you don’t have bites currently, you may be beginning to feel yourself start to itch all over the place. This is a reaction that often times happens when reading about or picturing a certain situation, so calm down, unless you’ve seen little bites you’re fine.

The banana remedy is one that is relatively new to me.  According to some you can spread a little mashed up banana onto the middle of the spot and leave it there. Almost immediately the itch with wither away and the inflammation and then eventually the spot itself will be nothing but a horrible memory.

Others have suggested ice, itch cream, Neosporin, just plain water and cover-up makeup or Band-Aids. Most of these only really solve one part of the problem, and its many time temporary; however, if you really do need to cover the spot immediately (i.e. for your child’s school picture), cover-up is a great option as long as you don’t continually itch at it up until that point.

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Inside Pests

As we alluded to above, not all pests and insects are outside. Many times they are found in great numbers inside our homes and will invade you in the dark, where they are most comfortable. I know, I know, this isn’t something you want to think about while you’re sitting at home, but it’s something we all knew anyways.

Let’s go back to the original scenario.  You wake up again with bites, except for this time you think it may have happened overnight. You can of course immediately take the same actions for covering and cleaning out the bite, but there may be other issues at hand here.

No one likes bugs roaming their home. Bed bugs can become a serious issue and infest everything, as can spiders. One female spider laying eggs in your home can cause an entire infestation to occur.  Additionally, you may have bees, termites, mice and other not so friendly creatures who’d like to share your space.  Fortunately, there are ways to deal with these issues. Exterminators are available to help get rid of whatever buggy problem you may be experiencing and with  experience and knowledge in their field they are sure to be more helpful than your half-awake husband after his 12 hour night shift.

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De-Bugging Your Home

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