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Decorating For The Holidays On A Budget Part 1

After decorating our tree last week, I realized that Christmas was approaching fast, and I barely had any other decorations up. The house looked boring, and Z.E.N. kept asking if we were going to decorate.  I didn’t have much in terms of holiday home décor, plus funds were low so I was delighted when I was invited to participate in Collective Bias’ Sears holiday shop.

I had never shopped at Sears for holiday décor and didn’t know what to expect, so before heading out to Sears, I took a quick peek at their website to see what I might find at the store.


Sears - 2

Seeing that they had a wide selection of indoor and outdoor holiday décor items, I was ready to hit the store.  Phil and Z.E.N. came along for the ride.


Sears is not very far from my home so it only took a  few minutes to arrive.


Once inside the store we headed straight down the escalators to the Sears Christmas shop.



They had a wonderful selection of trees, ornaments and holiday décor items.  To sweeten the deal, almost all of the items in the Christmas Shop were on sale.  I just love a good sale!





We picked up a few items from the Christmas shop including a neat looking Christmas train set that Z.E.N. fell in love with.


We then ventured over to the home décor area to see if they had any other holiday themed items and found these:



P1000328Again, many of the items were on sale. After browsing the home décor area, we proceeded to make our final selections and then went to the checkout counter.

Please be sure to view my Google + story to see my entire Sears shopping experience.

We were really impressed with the selection and the super affordable prices we found at Sears.  As I mentioned before, I had never even thought about shopping at Sears for Holiday décor items.  Now that I know that they have such a great selection, I will definitely be back next year!  Stay tuned to find out how I decorated my home with the purchases I made.

I know that so many people are finding cost-efficient ways of decorating for the holidays a daunting task. While peeping nearby neighbors’ nightly displays of endless strings of colored lights and lawns full of manger scenes, many sigh in envious frustration.

If you are in really dire straits and can’t afford to go shopping at a store like Sears, before abandoning all hope ever being able to afford such attractive exhibitions on your own premises, review the following list of helpful hints about decorating on a budget and be sure to check it at least twice.

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Hand-me-downs and castoffs have low cost

Local thrift stores, yard sales, and classified ads are all great places to begin your search. is an online resource that features local “for sale” listings. With a mere zip code entry, you may find many holiday decorations for sale by individuals facing imminent relocation, family separation, economic crises, or who merely want a change of pace.

Open your eyes

You might be amazed at how many raw materials exist right beneath your very nose. Believe it or not, decorating for the holidays does not have to be a complicated exercise or expensive enterprise.  Common household items can be put to use as attractive ornaments.


Use a needle and long piece of thread to convert a bag of microwaveable popcorn into garland for a tree. Or, simply attach each end of the kernel-filled string to opposing walls or  doorway casing. Creative food coloring use livens things up considerably. Want to generate some real excitement? Get slightly violent by crushing newly-popped kernels for subsequent use as artificial snow in nativity scenes.

Toilet tissue

Yes, ordinary toilet paper can be turned to the great advantage of those decorating on a budget. Collect as many empty cardboard rolls as possible.  Glue them together into a triangular pyramid formation to fashion a free Christmas tree. Attach colorful yarn or thread for a touch of color.

Turn the actual paper into pretty paper mache displays that are practically free of cost. Simply form voluminous quantities of moistened tissue into various holiday shapes by hand. Then, heat them inside a microwave for a minute or two to allow sufficient hardening. Allow adequate cooling time. Voila!

Employ magic markers, construction paper, scissors, glue, and/or glitter to colorize and accessorize to your now-happy heart’s content!

Wrap it all up

Procure a three-pack of pretty gift wrapping paper for less than $3 USD from your local dollar store. Upon arriving home, unravel it across your front and interior doors to create an ideal holiday ambiance in your home. Be sure to apply some tape or glue here and there to keep it all together. Attach some  crushed popcorn or construction paper designs for that special added touch!

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