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Dr. Oetker Pizza Is Not Your Ordinary Frozen Pizza

Have you ever eaten frozen pizza?  I have, and the brands I’ve tried in the past didn’t taste that great.  So because of this, I stopped buying frozen pizza.  However, as part of my BzzAgent membership, I recently had the opportunity to try a new brand of frozen pizza that is fairly new to the US market.  Dr. Oetker pizza, the best-selling frozen pizza brand in Italy, has recently introduced their Ristorante brand of gourmet frozen thin crust pizzas to American customers.  Not only are these healthier than the greasy frozen brands typically available in supermarkets shelves, they are authentic recipes that tantalize your taste buds in entirely new ways.

oetker mozzarella pizza

What makes Dr. Oetker pizzas stand out  are their natural ingredients.  Rather than using corn syrup, the Ristorante pizzas have enriched flour and sunflower oil that cuts down on the calories and fats of normal freezer pizza.  For over a century, Dr. Oetker brands have been manufacturing meals for international audiences, today maintaining production lines in Europe as well as North and South America.  The brand currently offers six different flavors of frozen pizza.

The spinaci uses fresh leaf spinach in tandem with sun-ripened tomatoes to present a tangy kick.  A thick garlic sauce complements the vegetables and mozzarella cheese on a thin crust.  Grab this frozen dish if you would like a healthier complement of toppings.

The mozzarella, as the name suggests, is simple elegance from your oven: mozzarella and Edam cheese combine for a duo that melts in your mouth atop a zesty tomato sauce.  This is a great bet for picky eaters and kids.

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A funghi combines several types of mushrooms along with juicy tomatoes, mozzarella and Edam cheese.  Choose this option if you like to savor your toppings.

The vegetale flavor is best for your vegetarian friends.  Tomatoes are heaped on top of the bed of cheese in tandem with peppers, onions, and chilies.  This is a thicker, crunchier pizza that will leave everyone satisfied.

The speciale is the sole Dr Oetker pizza with meat, great for carnivores on the docket.  Pepperoni and diced ham add a savory kick to the spices and herbs that are more potent than on the vegetarian-friendly pizzas.

The quattro formaggio, for those who do not speak Italian, boasts four different blends of cheese upon its basil-seasoned crust.  The mozzarella and Edam of other pizzas is added with Emmental and blue cheese, creating a gold-white medley that will leave anyone hungry for a slice.

Z.E.N. and I tried the speciale.  I loved it.  Z.E.N. liked it as well, but didn’t like the diced ham on it.  Once I plucked off all the ham, he gobbled it right up.  It was really fresh and tasted better than some of the pizza we’ve purchased from neighboring pizzerias.  I normally would have taken pictures, but we ate it so quickly I didn’t have a chance!

So If you’re ever in the mood for frozen pizza, be sure to check out Dr. Oetker pizza.

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