E is for Energy – Easy Ways to Save Energy

Earth Pull the Plug AmericaEveryone has their own reason for wanting to save energy. For many it is to help the strain on the environment as well as their pocket books. We have all seen the “green homes” and extreme environmental people who will tell you if you are not 100% green you are not doing enough. I for one disagree. With just a few easy steps you can make a great impact on society and save yourself a lot of money.

The first thing you can do is turn off your power… completely. Do you know even when T.V.s and other electronics are “off” they are still using energy? Think about all the electronics you have that have a light constantly on, even when not in use. This is draining your energy. The good news is this can be fixed with tools like energy saving power strips. These strips will power down your electronics completely with a touch of a button and can save up to 10% of your energy bills. It is a simple fix to a big problem. For other electronics such as alarm clocks think about going old school with a windup clock. This will save a lot more energy than you think.

You can also adjust your thermostats. You have more thermostats than you think. It is more than just your heating and air conditioners. By adjusting your freezers, refrigerators, and water tanks you might save a lot of money. Just remember prior to adjusting your appliances make sure you find out what your specific brand of appliance requires to run at peak performance. You do not want to lower your freezer so much you ruin or waste your food. This defeats the purpose.

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Another thing I have learned to love is the darkness. It is always tempting to not only turn on the lights at night but also open up curtains during the day. With a thin or open curtain the suns heat will warm up your home. This makes all your appliances work harder to stay cool, or runs the air conditioning more. This could make adjusting your thermostats counterproductive. However, if you have thick curtains you can keep the sun’s rays out of your home and the air much cooler. It might take a little while to get use to but it is worth the coolness in the summer or the warmth in the winter.

There is also another unfortunate reality in our world. Family time has all but disappeared in many homes. Little do we know spending more time together as a family can actually save energy. For example a family of five can return home from their days and not see each other but in passing for days. Each member is off to their own computers, video game systems, or TV. By calling for a family hour or two this will drop down the number of electronics running at once. A board game requires a single light in your home. Even a Wii competition cuts down usage by everyone using one TV and one game system. Not only that but families can come together to enjoy each other’s companies. That is a price far greater than saving energy.

Do you have tips on easy ways to save money?  Please share them below.

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  • Something that may help some: We have a small computer room, so when we’re both in there and the boys aren’t home, we’ll shut the door and keep the heat off in the house. The two computers keep us nice and toasty without running anything extra!

    • Great tip. I know this works because I do something similar in the winter. We have our thermostat set really low at night, so I shut the door to my office and still feel warm because of the computer equipment.

  • Great tips on saving energy. One thing that I like is when it’s a little warm in the house, I like to open up all of the windows in the house when there is a good outside breeze. This would be good to keep the house cool when the summer days aren’t as hot and you don’t have to use the A/C.

    • Great idea. I like to open the windows, but hubby is always hot so always wants to have the AC on. It’s a battle every summer!

  • We have completely switched from regular light bulbs to the energy efficient ones, I keep all the lights off until there is no way to see, and we all watch one TV unless there is something mommy wants to watch, and they want to watch something else.

    • We switched to CFL bulbs last year, and this year we’re working on switching them all to LED bulbs. Much more energy efficient, but they are so pricey!

  • These are all great tips.

    We also buy energy star appliances. And, we let our dishes air dry instead of running the dry cycle on the dishwasher.

  • I will be working on some of these that I don’t already practice. Thanks for the ideas!

  • You have some great tips here :). We do not heat with a heating system as we burn wood but if we did I would have to agree lowering the thermostat can save energy. I have unplugged most all of the items when we are not using them (blow dryer, curling iron) etc. We also changed to the different bulbs.

  • Good tips. I had no idea that I should adjust my freezer, fridge and other kitchen appliances. I try to shut off everything when I leave home, use the power strips, and use energy saving blinds at the windows. Recently, the maintenance person told me never to turn the furnace setting under 70 because it causes the furnace to work too hard to heat the house. I looked at him like he had lost all of his mind. People don’t really know what they are saying sometimes. Great Post. I used my E for Easter, but with a little twist!

  • I NEED to get those power strips. I’ve heard electronics suck a huge amount of power even when they’re “Off” because they still draw power. Thanks for the reminded to add this to my shopping list.

  • If everybody just made a little change in their energy usage, we would see a big change overall. I mean, really, how hard is it to turn off a light when you leave a room?
    Last year I invested in thermal-lined curtains for the living room because it faces southwest and would get extremely hot in the summer. I don’t like to have the AC run all day, so this helped. They were also great in the winter in helping to keep out the cold.

    • Great tip. I actually just purchased a pair of thermal curtains for my son’s bedroom.

E is for Energy – Easy Ways to Save Energy

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