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Easy Ways To Get Your Family To Drink More Water

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 Easy Ways To Get Your Family To Drink More Water ft

Last month Philip mentioned to me how dry Z.E.N.’s skin looked.  I know our house gets dry in the winter, but Z.E.N.’s skin looked super dry and his lips were really cracked.  We started to think about how much water he was taking in. He is involved in sports and while he brings a bottle of water with him when he goes to practice and on game day, he doesn’t drink that much water on other days.  So we decided that all three of us needed to make a more conscious effort to drink more water. 

Water is essential for good health. More than sixty percent of your body is water and, if you become dehydrated, it can sometimes prove fatal. This is why water is so important to your family’s health and quality of life. In the United States, dehydration is the top cause of midday tiredness, and it can reduce productivity by as much as thirty percent. When you make a point of staying hydrated, you will feel good, too. 

Here are some tips you can implement to try to drink more water every day:

1.  Drink water in the morning. 

A glass of cool water is an ideal way to start the day feeling refreshed and healthy.  You can have a glass before breakfast, or before you leave for work or school.

2. Use a checklist to help you keep track of how many glasses of water you drink.

Keeping a checklist on your desk or someplace visible can serve as a constant reminder to drink more water. Use this free printable “Water Tracker” checklist to keep track of your water intake throughout the day.

free printable Water Tracker

3.  Choose an appropriate water temperature. 

While icy cold water may taste good during the hot summer months, it is not necessarily the best for you on an everyday basis.  If you have sensitive teeth, icy water can even be painful to drink.  Cool water is generally a better choice. I drink it straight from the tap.

4.  Trade your unhealthy drinks for water. 

We used to drink a lot of soda, but soda and energy drinks provide nothing but empty calories.  Whenever you or someone in your family is tempted to buy one of these products, reach for a bottle of water instead.  Sparkling water can also be a good substitute. We don’t buy soda anymore and we hardly miss it.

5.  Choose the container you like the best. 

The size, style, and material of the container can inspire you to drink more water.  Sometimes, even adding a straw can help you to drink more water. Z.E.N. loves to use a straw for all beverages so I make sure to include one when he’s drinking water as well. 

Z.E.N. Staying hydrated

6.  Choose water as your beverage with meals. 

Almost everyone enjoys a beverage with their meals.  You can make mealtimes an opportunity to drink more water.  A glass of cool, fresh water will help you stay hydrated, as well as promoting healthier digestion.  Drinking more water with meals can also decrease your appetite so you are satisfied with eating less. 

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7.  Drink water after an activity.

Staying hydrated with water is very important after physical activity, as it replaces the water that is lost through perspiration. As I mentioned earlier, Z.E.N. does drink water during and after sports.  However, you do not have to limit water to a drink after exercise.  Any small activity you complete during the day can be topped off with a refreshing drink. 

8.  Try natural flavorings for your water.  

I’ve heard so many people say that they do not like the taste of water. Flavoring your own water may be a good way to make drinking water more enjoyable.  One idea is to add a bit of fruit to a glass of water.  Strawberries, lemons, and other fruits can make every glass of water delicious. 

9.  Never leave home without your water. 

It only takes a minute to tuck a water bottle into your purse or briefcase.  Water bottles can also fit into your child’s backpack.  The office, the playground, and daily errands all present opportunities to drink some water. 

I always try to remember to take my water bottle with me

10. Try an oral rehydration solution.

DripDrop is an oral rehydration solution that counteracts dehydration in children and adults. In a clinical test, this product was shown to hydrate subjects thirty-four percent quicker than water alone. It is easy to use this product to keep your family hydrated. Just mix a DripDrop packet into a glass of water, and you are ready to go. This product comes in berry and lemon flavor, which gives the water a pleasant taste that appeals to children. I picked some up at CVS to add to Z.E.N’s water bottle on sports days.

Drink More Water Insagram


When you drink more water and stay hydrated, you will be healthier.  Your digestive system will work more efficiently, you can replace water lost through normal perspiration, and you will feel refreshed throughout the day.  Water is the healthiest beverage you can drink for your entire body. 

A glass, a cup, a water bottle, or a drinking fountain will help you stay hydrated.  If you have not yet developed the habit of drinking more water, you may be surprised at how good you feel after you make it a part of your daily life.

What other tips can you share on ways to drink more water?


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