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Electrolux Oxygen Ultra Air Cleaner – EL500AZ Review

Electrolux Oxygen Ultra Air Cleaner - EL500AZ Z.E.N. and I suffer from allergies pretty much all year round.  Our indoor air quality is not the greatest especially in the winter when it is harder to leave the windows open for fresh air.

While Philip does not suffer from allergies like Z.E.N. and I do, he is obsessed with odor elimination.  He’s always buying some sort of air freshener for the house.  I’m not really fond of heavily scented sprays or candles so we agreed we needed a better solution.  We decided to go on the lookout for an air cleaner that would remove some of the pollutants from the air and in addition, keep the air in the house odor free. Research told us that we would need to invest in a good home air purifier, which is why we bought the Electrolux Oxygen Ultra Air Cleaner.

First, we looked at just replacing the air filters in the house. We tried that and it didn’t really work.  Honestly, I was hesitant to get a HEPA air purifier because of the high cost. I was afraid that we would spend a couple hundred dollars just to discover that it did not work for us. But, Z.E.N. started having a hard time breathing at night, and it seemed like I would wake up just about every morning with a stuffy nose,  so I gave it a try – and I am glad that I did.

This home air purifier is a standalone unit that kind of looks like a small paper shredder. It has five different speeds and is surprisingly quiet when it is on. It kind of sounds like a cat purring, only slightly louder. It can easily be used in your living room and not distract you while watching TV. It is also great to use in the bedroom if you like white noise when sleeping.

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The unit comes with one HEPA air filter, which you need to change out every 12 Electrolux Oxygen Ultra Air Cleaner 3 stage filtration systemmonths or so. There is actually an indicator light on the unit that lets you know when it needs to be replaced. Replacement filters will run you around $50. The price of this actual HEPA air purifier is actually one the lower end of comparable units. In fact, it performs as well as units that are a couple hundred dollars more in price.

The unit has PlasmaWave technology that works to remove pollutants from the air and neutralizes any that remain. The included carbon filter is what works to remove smells from the air.

One of the best features of the Electrolux Oxygen Ultra Air Cleaner is the “auto” mode. In this mode, the unit detects the amount of dust and dirt in the air and actually adjusts the speed so that it can remove the particles from the air. That is the optimal setting for the best indoor air quality. You can even use this air purifier with indoor pets. And you’ll notice less pet dander in the air with its use.

The only disadvantage to this unit is that it is intended for small rooms or apartments. So, we actually wound up getting two units.  We placed one in Z.E.N.s bedroom and we keep the other unit in our bedroom.  We basically let them run on the lowest setting overnight and it has really helped with the our allergies.  Z.E.N. is sleeping much better, and I no longer wake up feeling all stuffy.

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Do you use an air purifier in your home? What do you do to keep the air clean in your home?

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