Exploring the Huawei W1 Windows Phone

I’ve had an iPhone since they first came out in 2007. Since then I have upgraded a few times and an now on my third iPhone. I really love my phone, but I hear about so many new cell phones coming out and sometimes I wonder if any of these phones can break up my love affair with the iPhone.

One phone I recently heard about is the Huawei W1 made by Huawei Device USA. It’s being touted as an affordable Windows phone called that doesn’t require a contract!  I’m so sick of cell phone contracts so the idea of not having to enter into one is very appealing to me.

Huawei W1 Windows phone

This phone is completely customizable to uniquely fit your needs, and designed to keep you connected to those you care about most.  Some of it’s great features is the 1.2 GHz dual-core processor, optimized battery technology, four inch LCD touch screen made of gorilla glass, and a 5 megapixel auto focus camera.

Working off of the Windows 8 Operating system, it features the same great Live Tiles designed to keep you close to the people and things that matter most to YOU.  You can pin anything to your start screen so that the apps you use the most are right at your fingertips from the moment you turn it on.

The optimized battery technology is rumored to outlast and outperform other cell phones. Along with the high capacity battery that will keep you connected with everything that you need, The Huawei W1 saves 30% on power consumption. The battery on my current cell phone does not last long at all, so this is something that I am very interested in.

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Huawei W1 Windows 8 phone

This Windows phone also provides you with People Hub, so that all of your contacts are in one place.  This phone automatically links with your Twitter and Facebook friends, making contact with all of your friends that much easier.  You can also create a “private room” that allows you to privately share photos, messages, and more with all of your closest family and friends.

The Huawei W1’s dual-processor is so fast that you’ll feel like you’re flying through the Live Tiles as it quickly loading all of your pictures and videos.  You can also “kid proof” your phone, choosing which apps, games, and videos you want your children to have access to.  This feature is great for parents with small children.

What kind of cell phone do you currently use?

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Exploring the Huawei W1 Windows Phone

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