Extra, Extra, Read The Duane Reader!

P1000064I recently visited Duane Reade, which is one of my favorite New York establishments, and spotted this nifty publication near the checkout counter.    Curious, I picked it up because I had never seen it before, and was pleasantly surprised to discover that this was the Holiday Edition of the Duane Reader, their new store circular.

Now I don’t know about you, but I’ve been to plenty of stores and have never come across such an interesting looking circular.  It actually looks more like a magazine or newspaper than a circular and was filled to the brim with lots of humorous tidbits, holiday tips, and introductions to some of their new products under the DR Good & Delish product line.  It also features some of their current deals.  I stuck it in my shopping bag so that I could read it when I got home.

Later on that day, I dove right in.  I was immediately interested in reading about the Good and Delish Premium teas.  Phil and I drink a lot of tea, and even Z.E.N. has recently taken an interest in it.  We tend to drink tea in the early evening hours as we wind down from our long busy days.   I think Z.E.N. will really like the Acai Blueberry Pomegranate Green tea.

Duane REader cover page

Another thing that caught my eye was the Good & Delish  Shortbread fingers.  Seeing this brought back memories of when I used to work at a Scottish bank. Many of the bankers traveled frequently to and from the NY, London and Edinburgh offices and always brought back some delicious Scottish shortbread cookies.  Can’t wait to pick up some of these on my next Duane Reade shopping trip!

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Duane Reader Magazine - Shortbread Cookies

I was also interested in this fat-free Sorbet.  We all tend to indulge quite a bit over the holidays, so these little containers seem like a perfect sized guilt free dessert.


I am a health and beauty aid product junkie.  I buy tons of facial lotions and creams, shampoos and conditioners and more.  So it comes as no surprise that I got pretty giddy when I got to this page.


Since I love to try new products, I was excited to learn about these Skincare Naturals Facial cleansers.  I’m also in the market for a facial scrubber and have had my eye on one for a while, but  have not purchased it because of the price.  I was pleasantly surprised to read about the Spa Sonic Skin Care System.  This 7 piece system has garnered tons of positive reviews online and the price point is within my price range.

I think the Duane Reader is a fantastic little circular.  It is very unique and the copy is written in such an interesting way that it’s bound to keep you reading.

This post was sponsored by Collective Bias, as part of a program with Duane Reade. But as is always the case all opinions expressed are my own!

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Extra, Extra, Read The Duane Reader!

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