Eye Exam Awareness Month: Time For Parents To Take Eye Health Seriously

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As parent’s, we all have a lot on our plates.  I try my hardest to keep up with everything that is going on, but I will admit that I forget things from time to time. As a person who has been wearing glasses for years, I know how important eye health is, but even so, I totally forgot to go in for our eye exam this year. Thankfully, I read something online that mentioned that August is Eye Exam Awareness Month which reminded me that it is time to start thinking about the overall health of my family’s eyes and schedule those exams.

Since so much of a child’s learning is done visually, healthy vision is really important. In fact, 80% of what children learn comes through their eyes. Therefore, healthy vision is crucial to a child’s ability to learn and achieve their academic potential, as well as to play sports and other activities.  You may think that regular eye exams are just meant to see if your children need a prescription for glasses, but there is much more to it. In fact, an annual comprehensive eye exam is meant to check on other aspects of the eyes and your family’s health that an eye exam can highlight. Your eye specialist can really see a lot more in the eyes than you might think. The eyes are windows to your overall health.

For one, the eye exam could reveal an issue such as nearsightedness, farsightedness, or amblyopia, also known as “lazy eye”, which is a phenomena that occurs when one one eye does not develop as it should.  Experts have determined that around 5% to 10% of preschoolers and 25% of school-aged children have eye problems. Parents shouldn’t just wait until their children complain that they are not seeing well to have their eyes examined. Being proactive is key. The earlier problems are diagnosed and treated, the better the chances to restore vision and avoid permanent vision loss.

Eye exams can also reveal possible issues like high blood pressure, diabetes, or even high cholesterol. These ailments can be detected early on by simply checking on the eyes. Hopefully, no one in your family is suffering from early signs of these problems, but you will sleep easy once an eye specialist gives you the “all-clear.”

Another important fact to remember is that about 60 percent of parents feel that an eye exam is not key to a child’s healthy checkup schedule. About 1/2 of parents believe that only children who who need glasses or contacts need to see an eye doctor. These are definitely not the percentiles that you want to be a part of, especially knowing what an eye exam can tell you about your children’s health.

A great place to get more information about vision health is Think About Your Eyes. This organization was formed to educate the public on the benefits of vision health and promote the importance of getting a comprehensive eye exam every year. Make your children’s eyes and their health a priority this month, and take advantage of an eye specialist who cares about your family as much as you do. You can find your specialist today by using Think About Your Eyes eye care professional locator.

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  • Another great tip about eye exams is that you should get them performed before the school year. That way, your children can get glasses or contacts if necessary. Then they won’t have a difficult time at school trying to read. That could be even more damaging to their eyes since they have to strain all the time.

Eye Exam Awareness Month: Time For Parents To Take Eye Health Seriously

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