First Lost Tooth

So today Z.E.N. lost his first tooth.

Z.E.N lost his first tooth

Earlier in the day he complained of some sensitivity he was having and then he kind of forgot about it.  later on in the day, he wanted a snack so Philip gave him a pear.

Once he was all done, I asked him how his tooth felt and he opened his mouth and realized that the tooth was gone!  I asked him what happened to the tooth and he had no clue.  He didn’t even realize that it had come out.  At first I though maybe he swallowed it while he was eating the pear.  He was not happy with that thought, but then I started to look around near the chair he was sitting on while he was eating the pear and lo and behold I found the tooth.

Needless to say, he is now a happy camper since he now has an actual tooth that he can place under his pillow tonight.

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First Lost Tooth

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