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Get Fit For Self Improvement Month

I do not own a scale, so the last time I weighed myself was at a Dr’s. appointment in May of this year. At the time, I was happy with my weight. Last week I visited my Dr. and discovered that after lazing around all summer it seems that I’ve gained quite a few pounds, 13 to be exact! So, since this is self-improvement month, I’ve decided to get off the couch and start losing some of those pounds. I plan to accomplish this by walking after I drop Z.E.N. off at school in the mornings. This is something that I did last school year. After dropping him off, I would usually drive back home, grab a bottle of water and walk for about a mile or two every morning. I got pretty lazy during the summer and as a result didn’t do much walking or exercising during the summer. Well that’s about to change thanks to Self-Improvement month.

September is self improvement month. Take the Coolsculpting challenge

So what is self improvement month? September is Self Improvement month and just like it sounds, it is a time when you can take some time to reflect on ways that you improve on your life. There are countless ways to take advantage of it. Think of this as your chance to get rid of some unnecessary baggage and to add something new and positive to your life. Some people choose to try new experiences with this opportunity. Others try to fix something about their appearance or their finances. Given that the health community has alerted the public numerous times in recent years about public health, this might be an ideal time to consider some attempts at improving your health and fitness.

Exercising Self Improvement Challenge - exercise four times a week.

Many people commit to exercise regimens only to give up on them after a few days or weeks. This happens after New Year’s Day quite often. Do not let that happen this September. In fact, you can make a commitment to exercise, like I have. The type of exercise is not that important. Health officials state that the biggest threat to health right now is the sedentary lifestyle that most people lead. Take this opportunity to turn off the TV or computer and take a walk or ride a bike. You do not have to get a gym membership to start improving your health.

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DietingSelf improvement challenge - eat veggies with every meal

Modern diets do not just cause weight gain. Researchers have tied poor diet to a variety of mental health issues as well, including depression. You do not even need to adhere to a specific diet to turn a corner with your health. Eating healthier foods like fruits and veggies is key. Just start dropping processed foods or cancel visits to fast food restaurants in favor of eating at home. You will look better and feel better in no time.

CoolsculptingCoolsculpting logo

Extra body fat does not always leave gracefully. Even the best diets and exercise routines can leave anomalous deposits of fat around your body. These lumps are not just annoying. Doctors have proven that even a little extra weight is linked to future health problems.

Coolsculpting is an innovative and non-invasive medical procedure that can eliminate this stubborn fat. Doctors use a quick, FDA-approved procedure to freeze fat cells under the surface of your skin. Over the course of a few months, with regular one-hour visits, you can eliminate lingering fat and acquire a new shape and a new outlook.

Self Improvement month is about feeling better and looking better. Using this chance to improve your fitness will also give you a happier and longer lease on life.

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Have you heard about Self-Improvement Month?  What small change would you make to improve your health and/or fitness this month?

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  • I haven’t heard about Self-improvement month! But, boy do I need it! I have been having health issues lately & I definitely need to lose weight! I need to start walking too!

  • I haven’t heard about it being self improvement month but I did commit to be fit with my community. I have made some small changes, and I feel better about myself!

  • I had not heard of Self Improvement Month but I’m glad to hear about it! I have a lot of self improvement to do. Our move to Raleigh really knocked me off of the health wagon. Moving is stressful in and of itself but nothing is the same here – so scary, so difficult to get back into the swing of things. I’ve been great this week so hopefully as the month rolls out I’ll keep improving!

  • I can’t wait to get this baby out and get back to my weight loss plan. I have hit a number I swore I would never see and am not happy about it! I’m already planning my strategy for after baby!