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Get More Twitter Followers!

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Want more Twitter followers? I can help with that.

I currently work as the Community Manager for a large chain drug store. I was asked to work on growing their twitter account back in February. Now we have over 563,000 700,000 1,000,000 twitter followers.

After working on their account I started working on my own Twitter handle and have more than doubled the # of followers I have. I can increase the number of followers you have as well. Wanna give it a try? Please subscribe below.

Basically what I do is aggressively unfollow those that aren’t following you and those that are inactive to free up space on your account, because honestly, what good are they if they are not seeing YOUR stuff.  I then aggressively follow others and work at balancing out your following.  Many of the family/mommy bloggers tend to have a mostly female following.  Let’s get a more diverse following! I do try to get people in your niche, in your local area, etc..

Ready to get started?  

Contact Diane for more details

If you’re not happy after the first month, feel free to log into your PayPal account and cancel the subscription. It’s as easy as that!


What exactly do you do?

First, we unfollow all the people you are following who are inactive and haven’t tweeted in 30 days or more; Then we unfollow people who have made the decision that they no longer want to follow you and have actively gone ahead and hot the unfollow button; Next up, we unfollow the people you are following who are not following you back; finally, we start following new people with the anticipation that they will follow back (a lot will!)

How many new followers will I receive?

It’s really hard to answer this question because a lot of factors come into play here. When it comes to following back, some people will make the decision based on: what your bio says, whether or not you are actively tweeting or just auto tweeting your blog posts, What you tweet about, etc… Because it is so subjective, we can’t make any guarantees regarding how many new followers you will receive.

Are these real followers?

Absolutely! You can run a check via to see how many fake followers a user on twitter has.  Heck run a check on my account (@philzendia).  This is a good way to see if people who are running services like this are actually buying bulk followers instead of doing the research to find real followers.

Do you have to unfollow everyone who is not following me back, I’m ok with some of the people (i.e. celebrities) who are not following me back.

Nothing wrong with that! Just send me a list of the twitter handles you do not want to unfollow and I can white-list them.

I saw a foreign language/undesirable tweet in my stream. What’s up with that?

While we make every effort to follow the best accounts possible, a few undesirables may slip through every now and then because the platform we use does not allow us to see the user bios, and some people don’t fill out their bio’s anyway, so it’s hard to tell what they are about. In addition, even if we could see user bios and see that the bio is decent, we are not mind readers and do not know what the user will be tweeting! The best action to take if you see someone tweeting stuff you do not like is to hit unfollow!

I noticed a lot of new followers yesterday, but didn’t notice any new followers today. Are you still working on my account?

Yes, of course. We like to mix it up a bit in terms of how often we follow/unfollow, and the number of people we follow/unfollow in order to keep things looking natural and to keep your account from getting suspended by Twitter. Plus we’re not robots and don’t work every day! 🙂

I have 4 Twitter accounts, can you work on all 4 of them?

Absolutely.  Just subscribe for each one and we’ll get busy working on them.

My niche is similar to XYZ’s niche, can you copy their followers.? 

We sure can.  In fact a few of our e-commerce clients have forwarded lists of their competitors handles that they want us to follow from.  So let us know if you want us to try to obtain followers from a specific twitter handle.

When am I billed?

You are billed automatically every month on the date that you sign up on. Month to month.

I need to cancel, can I resume using your services in the future?


How do I cancel?

You can cancel by simply logging in to your Paypal account and hit cancel!  Service will end the same day you unsubscribe.

How come your services are so CHEAP? What’s the catch?

There is NO CATCH! We have worked hard to reduce the costs to you and we work based on volume of clients we receive. Other agencies offer similar services for 3 to 5 times more. If you think that we are too good to be true, there is only one way to find out… Sign Up! 😉

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