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Get Your Little Rookie in Gear With RookieUSA

Do you have a little rookie at home?  I do.  As long as I can remember, Z.E.N. has indicated that he wants to play basketball.  My reply has always been that he can join the basketball team when he starts school.  So when he started Kindergarten last September, he was excited.  We ran into a snag though.  The basketball team was only available to children in grade 3 and up.

Although Z.E.N. was disappointed, this did not deter him from getting into sports.  This past spring he joined the track team.

Z.E.N. getting ready to run track

I was somewhat nervous because the coach informed us that he would be running the 100m and 400m races.  I was fine with 100m, but 400m?  That sounded a bit much, but to my surprise, my little rookie took on the challenge and he and his team went on to win big at the relay championships, earning him a medal.
Z.E.N. showing off his medals for winning track relays

He still wants to play basketball, but is also happy to continue running track as well. So I’m already thinking about the gear he’ll need next season.  As a track mom newbie, I wasn’t sure exactly what he would need.  Of course I knew he would need good running sneakers, but when it came to attire I was not sure.  Now that I have a better idea, I’m happy that I will be able to shop at a store like RookieUSA, to find all gear I will need.

Have you heard about RookieUSA yet?  If not, you will definitely be hearing about them soon.  RookieUSA will be the place to shop for your kids clothing.

This is how they explain their vision on their site:

In June, 2012, a new concept in retail will explode onto the scene. Rookie USA will begin opening stores that feature premium apparel from the best brands in the world – Levi’s, Nike, Jordan, Converse, and more. Our Grand Openings will include local sports legends and lots of excitement! Rookie USA is a kid’s only retail destination, designed to provide a premium experience for savvy shoppers.

RookieUSA generously sent me a sneak preview of some of the clothing they will be carrying.  Z.E.N couldn’t wait to open the package and was thrilled to see all the great stuff they sent.

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Clothes we received from Rookieusa

He was so excited he wanted to try them all on right away.  He’s a big Michael Jordan fan, so naturally, he wanted to try this on first.

Micheal Jordan tee and shorts from RookieUSA

Next up, he tried on a Levi’s tee and Levi’s cargo shorts.

Levi's tee and Levi's cargo shorts from RookieUSA

Then he wanted to try on this Nike t-shirt with the same cargo shorts.

Nike tee and Levi's cargo shorts from RookieUSA

In this outfit, he is wearing a Nike t-shirt and Nike sports shorts

Nike tee and shorts from RookieUSA

In this picture he’s wearing the same Nike t-shirt with some Nike plaid shorts.

Nike tee and Nike plaid shorts from RookieUSA

After this outfit, he got tired and didn’t want to try anything else on!

I have to say that I am pleased with the selections they sent me.  They fit well, are well made and look great!

For more photos, check out my Google + photo album: Get Your Little Rookie in Gear With RookieUSA #CBias

Want to learn more about RookieUSA?  please be sure to check out their website.  You can also find them on Facebook and on Twitter.

Also, don’t forget to sign up for the $20 gift card! It will certainly come in handy for back to school shopping!

RookieUSA splash page

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    • I totally agree. I hate buying character stuff because Z.E.N. tends to jump form one character to another so quickly.

  • yay! Determined Momma, so happy you like Diane’s sample of our sports apparel for lil’ Rookies! Hope to see you drop by the store (in NYC or online) and on our fan page! We love getting to know our fans!!

  • Looks like he had a blast trying these on! My son will be starting soccer in the fall, so we will have to keep an eye out 🙂

  • These are great!! Landon loves anything sport and I am sure he will want some of these when he goes to big boy school this fall!

  • What a handsome little guy! My 6 year old daughter wants to play hockey and my 4 year old son isn’t sure. Time will tell I guess! 🙂

    • Thanks Leila! That’s so cool that your daughter wants to play hockey. I’m sure she’ll love it!

  • SUUUPER cute. Where do you live that they have track for elementary schoolers? My LO has gone to school in Florida and Georgia and they didn’t have elementary sports unless you signed up with the YMCA or City Rec. I wanted track for Styles because he is a great runner and not so good at coordination for team sports but they didn’t have track! At the school I am looking at for him this coming year in North Carolina (Middle School), they do have track and he will be running both track and Cross Country. I’m so excited!

    I really like what RookieUSA sent you! I’ll definitely be checking them out for Styles when he starts Cross Country this year!

    Congrats on your medals, ZEN!

    • I’m in NJ. At one of the track meets we attended, I was shocked to see that they even had Pre-K children running track at some of the schools. They start them early around here! I hope Styles has a great time running track and cross country. Sounds like fun!

  • As a sports mom I absolutely LOVE the style of these clothes! Our youngest wants to play ALL sports. He is going into the 1st grade and first on his list is football after one of his big brothers. He would like to play basketball as well.

    Diane Z.E.N. is one handsome lil man! Great pics!

  • LOVE the clothes! It’s so hard to find good looking boy clothes! They are usually so boring and my 4 year old is hard on his stuff because he is so active. These look great!

    And, how handsome is your son?!?!

    • Thank you! I totally agree that it’s hard to find good looking clothes for boys. We really like the sample of clothes we received, so i’m sure they will have a lot more in their stores.

  • What an awesome package for little man – I bet he was super excited!!

  • Great pics! I’m excited for Rookie USA stores to open. My boys only wear athletic-style clothes…but mome of the sporting goods stores don’t have a good selection of kids’ sizes.

    • I know exactly what you mean! I’m really looking forward to the store opening as well!