Getting Ready for Fall with Cookie’s Kids

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Well Labor Day is here, and that means that summer is just about over. I expect the weather to start cooling down soon around here so that means, Z.E.N. will need some warmer clothes.  He has grown so much so he can’t really fit into the clothes he had last fall anymore, so that means it’s time to shop.

So, on my latest shopping mission, my goal was to find a few fall items for him.  I wanted to get clothing that would be both comfortable and warm.  Since I would be shopping at Cookie’s Kids, I knew I would definitely find what I wanted.  I knew this, because I had the opportunity to actually tour one of their retail locations in Brooklyn, NY last month.  (They have 7 retails stores located all over NYC.) The store I visited in downtown Brooklyn was huge and had tons of kids clothes and accessories for kids of all ages.  I was amazed at the large selection as well as the prices.  Everything I saw was very affordable.

While I was at the store, I had the opportunity to see what happens behind the scenes on the e-commerce side at  I got to see the warehouse, as well as the order fulfillment area.  The neatest thing I saw when I was there though was the photography room.  They have this huge photo machine that takes 3D images.  The photography director demonstrated how it worked by photographing a handbag.  He placed the bag on the photo table, and in just a few seconds, a high powered professional camera, which is located above the table, took a high quality image of the bag.  The bag immediately appeared on his iPad screen in 3D form on a clear background.  Amazing!

cookies kids photography machine

Having seen this, I knew that the images on their website accurately reflected the colors of their items. On many occasions, I have purchased items thinking it was one color, only to find out it was a different shade when it arrived.

So with confidence, I pointed my browser to so that I could browse around to see what they had on offer.  Their site was very easy to navigate.  I decided to do a search for sweatshirts because Z.E.N. practically lived in sweatshirts last fall and winter.  They had lots of sweatshirts to choose from.

This Puma hooded sweatshirt caught my eye.  I knew Z.E.N. would like it so I added it to my basket.  Puma sweatshirt

Next up I did a search for sweatpants.  Again, the results yielded a good number of options.  I chose a basic pair of black sweatpants so that he could wear them with just about anything. tato sweatpants

I then did a search for socks.  Z.E.N. hardly wore socks this summer because he practically wore his crocs just about everywhere.  He definitely needed new socks.  He prefers shorter socks so I snagged this pair of mini crew socks.puma socks

I browsed around a bit more taking note of all the stuff I wanted to buy and then I proceeded to check out.  The checkout process was very quick and simple.

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The order arrived very quickly.  I received all of the items I ordered and everything looked exactly how they looked online.

Check out the clothes I ordered from

Z.E.N really liked the sweatshirt, just like I thought he would and couldn’t wait to try it on.  He also tried on the socks, but didn’t want to try on the sweatpants because he said the “sweatshirt looks better with jeans!”  Well excuse me!

Z.E.N. modeling his Puma sweatshirt from while playing er, talking on his Power Rangers Morpher phone

Another set of pics of Z.E.N modeling his Puma Sweatshirt and Puma socks from

All the items I purchased were well made and fit Z.E.N. well. I was particularly impressed with the thickness of the sweatpants.  They will surely keep him warm as the temperature starts to drop. I will definitely be back to do some more shopping.  In fact, check out some of the items I have on my wish list:


For more photos, check out my Google + photo album: Getting Ready for Fall with Cookie’s Kids #CBias  #CookiesKids

Here is a brief history of CookiesKids:

In 1972, a young man named Cookie and his brother Marvin went into business together. They rented a 1600 square foot store in Jamaica, Queens, fixed it up, bought inventory and Summer and Fall, and opened a day after Thanksgiving with a full stock of holiday toys. The toys were a success and they put the extra money toward buying children’s clothing for the next season. When that did well, they bought more clothing. The business was on it’s way.

As the brothers Cookie, Marvin and Sonny, who had come in as a third partner in the business, began to open new stores in new locations, inventory expanded. Besides the latest fashions, our customers wanted shoes, toys, backpacks and accessories and we were prepared to deliver.

By the late 1990’s there were six superstores throughout the NYC area, and though they previously had different names, by that time they were all named Cookie’s Kids. Also in the late ’90s came an important addition to Cookie’s Kids’ inventory: school uniforms. It was the steady success in uniform sales that paved the way for founding in 2007, which originally sold uniforms and soon after the entire Cookie’s Kids Inventory.

Want to learn more about Cookieskids?  please be sure to check out their website.  You can also find them on Facebook and on Twitter.

What kind of clothing do your children like to wear?

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  • I am SUCH a big fan of Cookies Kids – It’s always my first stop when I need to stock up for Abby again. And you got some good stuff – your pics are awesome 🙂

  • I think this is one of the stores my sisters and I shop at whenever we go visit our family in NYC and Elizabeth, NJ. I love this place. I’ve been trying to find it on-line. You amazing woman! I have wanted to send a link to the Director of our private school because she likes to buy uniform pieces in bulk like socks, ties and sweaters to have for the kids in winter and Cookies carries our uniform colors. Thank you. Definitely sharing this far and wide!

  • We’d just recently discovered Cookies Kids, browsing their site for new school clothes this past weekend. What a perfectly timed article!

Getting Ready for Fall with Cookie’s Kids

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