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Go Green With a Solar Powered Battery Charger

solar powered battery charger

Close-up view of solar cells

Nowadays, everybody talks about “going green,” but what does going green really mean? I associate the term, going green with anything that helps the environment by decreasing one’s ecological footprint such as being more energy efficient, using fewer chemicals, reducing waste, and recycling, all of which can wind up saving you money and help to reduce landfill waste. I for one think it’s a great movement and wish more people would join in.

One easy way to go green is by using a solar powered battery charger. I never knew such a thing existed until recently. In my attempt to go green, I have been using rechargeable batteries to replace disposable batteries. While using rechargeable batteries can be somewhat helpful because they reduce landfill waste along with the acid chemical contained inside them, we still have to use electricity to charge them. Doh!

Solar battery chargers however relies solely on solar energy. Solar energy is clean, abundant, 100% free. More and more people are finding ways to use this type of energy in their homes. Solar battery chargers can run or charge most of my electronic devices, such as my cell phone, net book, Kindle e-book reader and camera.

Installing and using a solar powered battery charger for various uses around your home may seem like a very simple step towards going green, however, it is still a good way to get started on your way to a greener lifestyle. Every little bit counts!

What little things are you doing to go green?

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  • Solar battery chargers can be great for family use. so many children’s toys use more then one battery and if you have switched to rechargeable batteries why not switch to a solar battery charger? There are just so many easy ways to go green today.

  • It’s really hard to cover everybody’s needs with one blanket. I thought you did a super job here. Your site is fantastic!


  • I agree with your opinion. To support the program, we begin to use tools that are environmentally friendly. In our area, has many residents who use lighting through solar power.

  • I’ve been using a solar powered battery charger for a while now and it is truly brilliant.So useful and practical but I am not sure entirely how good it really is for the environment. I mean, the amount of power it takes to really charge a battery is tiny especially when compared to how much it takes to produce solar cells.