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Greek Yogurt Benefits: Extra-Creamy, Mildly Tangy Nutrition, And More

This post on Greek yogurt benefits is part of a blog series on the yummy goodness of Greek yogurt.

Greek Yogurt BenefitsThe list of Greek yogurt benefits is impressive. This tangy dairy treat has quickly grown popular in the United States, as it has around the world, because it can boast advantages over regular yogurt (often alternatively spelled yoghurt), which also has been produced worldwide since ancient times by fermenting milk with gut-friendly bacterial cultures that aid digestion. Roman naturalist Pliny the Elder was probably referring to a similar Mediterranean-style yogurt to today’s “Greek” version when he wrote of its “agreeable acidity”, this dairy food’s characteristic mildly tangy taste.

The straining process – traditionally done with muslin or a similar cloth, but now also accomplished by various modern proprietary methods removes sour (or acid) whey, a by-product of this kind of cheese-making, and lactose, a normal dairy sugar. This signature process produces some of the most notable nutrition and taste benefits of Greek yogurt. Because the lactose and whey have been strained out, and along with it some of the sodium, the Greek version has more grams of protein, fewer grams of sodium, and less carbohydrates and sugar per serving than regular yogurt. Adding this unique process makes this dairy treat healthier, as well as creamier, while bestowing a mellower tang.

Today some companies also manufacture Greek yogurt made with low-fat milk. Because the yogurt is strained, and therefore becomes much more concentrated, even these low-fat versions remain richly creamy. Many people wanting to reduce their fat intake have discovered they can spread the low-fat Greek yogurt on toast or sandwiches as a natural, nutritious butter substitute. Most likely, because of its richness, many dieters have reported they find this kind of yogurt more satisfying and filling than the regular sort. Adding an appealing treat with more calories per ounce actually can help a diet, because such foods tend to satisfy hunger and cravings for longer periods, and thus contribute to lower calorie intakes, day by day.  If you worry that Greek yogurt contains too many calories per ounce for your weight loss diet, you can always consider the use of a weight loss system like Sensa, which would allow you to enjoy the richness of Greek yogurt without risk of overindulgence.

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Some fans of Greek yogurt consider the smoother tang and super-spreadable extra-thickness to be major benefits of Greek yogurt, but most appreciate the per-serving nutrition-boost that goes along with these salient qualities. Furthermore, because its fat content is high enough to prevent it from curdling when heated, Greek yogurt can substitute for other fats in cooking easily. This versatility may be one of the product’s most significant advantages. Whether dieting or simply shifting to healthier food choices, cooks are likely to have fun blending Greek yogurt into favorite recipes to enhance flavor, consistency, and nutrition.

Additional benefits of Greek yogurt center on what is left out of the mix. Mass-produced regular yogurt may contain thickening or smoothing chemical agents, and even gluten, if any of these additives were made using wheat. Because Greek yogurt already is naturally extra-thick and super-creamy from being more concentrated, there is no need to add synthetic chemical compounds during manufacturing to produce these effects artificially.

Some companies take this natural approach to the next level by adhering to even stricter standards, and using only organically grown ingredients. Organic production methods eliminate from these Greek yogurt manufacturing process all genetically modified organisms, as well as milk from cows raised on bio-engineered feeds. Though there are many important Greek yogurt benefits that range from simple to technical most people who discover this healthy food are likely to keep stocking up because of its digestion-easing, scrumptious deliciousness.

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  • Simply the best way to start my day is with a bowl of plain non-fat greek yogurt topped with berries, granola and a little drizzle of honey! Not only does it keep me full but it makes me feel great too. I love using plain non-fat greek yogurt as a sour cream substitute also.

  • Love the taste and love the health benefits I get from Greek Yogurt. I never get tired of the taste, this yogurt has been my daily snack.

  • I absolutely LOVE Greek Yogurt. I buy Non-Fat Greek Yogurt on a regular basis. In fact the only time there isn’t at least 1 container in my refrigerator is when I’m not going to be here (or just came back home) after more than a few days.

    I use it for all kinds of baking and cooking – I’m thinking I’m addicted. But then again I guess there could be worse things to be addicted to.

  • I also have Greek yogurt everyday for breakfast mixed with Grapenuts cereal. I also use it as a substitute for mayo in cooking. It also very high in FOS that promotes good bacteria for your digestive system. Do you know if there is a lactose free alternative? I have very close friends that are lactose intolerant that i frequently cook for.

    • I don’t know of any lactose free varieties off hand, but I’ll let you know if I find one.