Five Great Crafts Kids Can Make For Mother’s Day

For caregivers, whether teachers, nannies, or even other members of the family, these five Mother’s day craft ideas are sure to make mommy feel special on her special day:

1. Multi-Colored Button Bracelet

For this project, you’ll need, large multi-colored buttons, white beading elastic, one of mom’s old bracelets and scissors.

Use the old bracelet to measure how much elastic beading you need so the bracelet fits on her wrist just right. Cut off the extra elastic beading string then tie an overhand knot on one end so it forms a loop that is about half an inch to 3/4 inches. With the open end, start stringing in the buttons randomly or do color coordination depending on what the kiddies think looks like fun and would appeal to mommy. Once done, simply tie the open end onto the loop and you’re done!

2. ‘I Love You’ Jar

Get an old jam or spice jar, any jar will do as long as it is made of transparent material like glass. You’ll also need patterned or colored paper, markers or colored pens, scissors and a strip of ribbon.

Cut the colored/patterned paper into strips which are about an inch wide and using your pens or pencils, let the children write a reason why they love mommy on each side. Once done, drop the little strip in the jar. You can label the jar “Why I Love Mommy”. Use the ribbon to decorate the jar by tying it around the neck of the jar in a cute little bow.

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3. Hand-print Apron

All you need is some fabric paint, an apron and a set of cute little hands.

Simply have the kiddies dip their little hands in the paint and make handprints on the apron. Each unique set of handprints is something mommy will definitely enjoy having on her apron.

4. Mom’s Coupon Book

For this craft, all you need to get is a small light notebook and some coloring pencils or markers.

Have the kiddies write something different on one side of each page. Make the coupons different. Maybe one can see mommy get hugs and kisses anytime she presents the coupon or maybe one can see mommy get some help around the house with chores. Once done, you can decorate the coupons by coloring each page differently.

5. Family Collage

Take pictures of each member of the family, get some glue, scissors, a poster board and some markers, and you’re ready.

Trim the pictures so you only have the actual outline of the family member then glue these to the poster board. Get your markers and let the children decorate the board or write little messages. This makes for a very simple but thoughtful gift!

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Five Great Crafts Kids Can Make For Mother’s Day

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