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Fun Family Reunion Ideas

Family reunion garden party - © Laurent Renault - Fotolia.comWhen the family is getting together for a reunion, it’s likely to be a lot of fun. People who haven’t seen each other in ages will be able to catch up and exchange stories from years gone by. How can you make it even more exciting? Try some of these fun family reunion ideas.

Choose a Resort

Instead of simply having a picnic where the family gets to spend a few hours together, make a weekend out of it. Plenty of resorts will offer deals if a large number of people are booking together. Plan out some activities, such as barbecues and relaxing by the pool, in which everyone will participate. The beauty of a resort is that everyone is able to spend his or her free time with favorite activities.

Relay Races

Whether you’re renting out a space at the park for the day or everyone is hanging out on the lawn of the resort, consider adding in some relay races to really amp up the fun. You could have three legged races or a race where participants have to carry an egg on a spoon. If children are going to be at the event, include some races that are specifically appropriate for them. Some individuals might not be able to participate in the race due to age, illness or injury. However, they will likely enjoy watching other people have fun. Dub them as the judges and hosts of the race.

Potluck Meals

One of the reasons why families don’t always get together frequently for reunions is because these events cost money. Whoever is planning it usually gets stuck with the financial burden of the affair. Therefore, ask each person to bring one dish. You might ask Aunt Ida to bring her famous chocolate chip cookies or Grandma Bernice to bring the pasta salad about which everyone has been raving for decades.

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Skyping In

For whatever reason, some family members might just not be able to attend. Perhaps they live in a foreign country or are too ill to travel. Try to include these individuals as best as you can. During certain moments of the reunion, set up Skype so that everyone can chat with them, and they can watch what is happening.

Whatever you choose to do, you’ll have the benefit of knowing that as many of your family members as possible are together. Enjoy each and every moment, and be sure to take lots of pictures!

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