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A Parent’s Role in Teen Acne Treatment

Teenager boy struggling with acneDo you remember how tough it was to be a teenager? Every day was a constant struggle to fit in. Whether you were popular, or the kid who ate lunch all by himself, there were so many things to worry about. This was the age when you were developing your identity while dealing with homework, first dates, physical changes, and making new friends. Now imagine having to deal with all of this, but also facing serious acne.

No parent wants to see their children go through tough times. Acne can be unpredictable, and there is no surefire way to cure it. It can be a tremendous source of stress for teenagers who are dealing with physical and social factors in daily life. It can also devastate a teenager’s self-esteem if left unchecked. There are many stereotypes and stigmas attached to bad acne, and some of them come to the forefront with teasing and bullying.

As a parent, you want to help your teens find the best solution possible, and here are some tips to help you do it.

Talk and Listen – before you do anything else, have a good talk with your teen about the situation. They’re probably feeling down on themselves, and they might even think it’s their fault. It’s important to empathize with your teen while understanding their point of view. If you also had bad acne when you were young, now is the time to share your experience. This helps your teen to understand they aren’t the only ones facing this problem. It’s important that your teen feels comfortable communicating their concerns because this is a problem you can’t solve in one day.

Financial Support – as with any other medical condition, treatment can be expensive. Serious acne is rarely solved with just one cream in a couple of weeks. Sometimes it takes months of expensive treatments and medications that can only be obtained with a prescription. As a parent, this is one of the most vital areas you can help with. After all, it’s not like teens have the resources to pay for acne treatments themselves. This can certainly put a financial strain on your overall budget so you have to weigh your options carefully.

Educating Yourself – some parents jump to action using information and techniques that they grew up with. As you can imagine, medical acne treatment has progressed in recent times. A lot of myths have been dispelled and old ways of doing things have been disproven. Before you recommend any type of treatment or course of action, it’s essential that you educate yourself. There are lots of great resources including plenty of websites like that can help both teens and parents learn about acne remedies for teens.

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Searching for a Treatment – as mentioned earlier, there is no single cure for acne. Sometimes picking the right treatment is a guessing game. The best way to improve your odds is by consulting a dermatologist. Rather than spending months of trial and error looking for good products, you can cut to the chase with recommendations from a skin specialist.

In order to see a dermatologists, you’ll need to first make an appointment with your family doctor. You’ll need a referral and a recommendation for a good dermatologist if you’ve never seen one before. If your teen feels apprehensive about the situation, assure them that this is the best course of action. Dermatologists make it their mission to help with severe skin problems, and they’ve seen it all before.

Your teen will be welcomed into a safe environment where they can be given a professional assessment. As a parent, you can help with making the appointment and accompanying your teenager. Even if they pretend to be “too cool” to want Mom or Dad along for the ride, you can bet they’ll be happy you’re there.

It’s important to understand where your kids are coming from, and the problems they face on a daily basis. In most cases, it’s not about being obsessed with beauty or trying to find perfection. They simply want to be normal just like everyone else. That’s really hard to do when they have acne and pimples that make them stand out so much. It’s an important time when kids are trying to find themselves, and you can play a big role in helping them get back on track.

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