Having Fun With Transformers Prime Beast Hunters




Hasbro recently introduced their new line of Transformers toys. Based on the third season of Transformers Prime, the Emmy Award-winning animated series, the new Beast Hunters line of toys is based on the Beast Hunters storyline. As the story goes, the Autobots now face off against their established enemies the Decepticons as well as their new foes the Predacons.

We recently had the chance to review one of the new Beast Hunters.  When Z.E.N. found out, he was super excited because he loves Transformers.  When the actual Transformer arrived in the mail, though, he was a little disappointed to learn that the Transformer he had received, RipClaw, was a bad guy.

Hasbro Beast Hunters RipClaw Action figure

RipClaw is not only one of the bad guys, she is also one of the few female robots on the show, although it is hard to tell by her appearance because she looks super scary! In fact, the only reason knew she was female is because I did a little research on the Predacons.   RipClaw is a vibrant teal and red, and like all Transformers, she switches from robot to dragon form and back. The claw at the end of her tail closes by pressing the spike in its tail, allowing you to stab at another robot and then wrap her tail around the target. Also, her wings can flap with the press of a button.

Although Z.E.N. was disappointed when he found out that the Transformer we would be reviewing was one of the bad guys, he was nonetheless excited about being able to review the new toy. He still had fun playing with it, and the wings flapping were a nice touch. In fact, after playing with it for a while, he considered the toy “very cool!”

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Playing with the new Hasbro Transformers Beast Hunters RipClaw Toy

Having fun with RipClaw from the new Hasbro Beast Hunters line

I’d say that’s a solid recommendation for this new line of toys!

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Having Fun With Transformers Prime Beast Hunters

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