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The Hot Wheels Nitro RC Car Packs A Lot Of Speed

Hot Wheels Nitro RC cars
Z.E.N. is obsessed with cars. I think it all started when he saw the Disney Pixar movie Cars. Ever since, then he has been an avid collector of cars. This makes things easy for our family and friends when it comes to giving him gifts, because they know that he will be very happy as long as the gift is car related.

Hot Wheels recently introduced a new line of micro RC cars called the Hot Wheels RC Nitro Speeders. I knew Z.E.N. would love to get his hands on one of these cars so when Hot Wheels asked me If I wanted to review one, I jumped at the chance.

On the day that the package arrived, I didn’t show it to him right away. Instead, I placed the Hot Wheels Nitro RC car on the kitchen counter that night so He would see it first thing in the morning when he sat down for breakfast. The minute he saw it, he became so excited. He ripped open the package and wanted to start playing with it immediately, but it didn’t come with batteries, so I had to scrounge around the house to find some. The car itself has an internal battery, however the remote control requires 4 AA batteries to operate. You should note that you will need a screw driver to open and close the battery panel.

After I inserted the batteries, Z.E.N. was ready to snatch the remote control from my hand, but before he could play with it, the car had to be charged. Charging the Hot Wheels Nitro RC car is really easy. Located inside of the remote is a cable that charges the car. Simply plug the cable into the car and it starts charging. It takes about 25 minutes to charge so while this does not seem like a very long time, it is excruciatingly long for a 5 year old boy.

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So when the car was finally charged, he put it to the test. This car is super fast! We were both amazed at how fast this thing went. It can travel at a speed of up to 8.3 mph. Because it is so small (less than two inches long), that’s actually the equivalent of a normal car doing 600 mph. Amazing!

I noticed that because the car went so fast, it was hard to maneuver it. The car kept winding up under furniture and even under the stove and I had to keep retrieving it which became pretty annoying. We actually can’t find the car right now and I’m guessing it’s hiding under fridge since we’ve looked just about everywhere else.  I’m thinking that it would probably work better on a track, or outdoors.

When you’re not using the Nitro RC car, it can be stored in the remote control and you can set it to charge so that it will be ready to go the next time your child wants to play with it again.

Want to see the Hot Wheels Nitro RC car in action?  Be sure to watch this short video.

Hot Wheels Nitro RC Car Commercial

The Nitro RC cars are available in three designs: Ford Mustang, Chevrolet Camaro and Ken Block’s Ford Fiesta and the MSRP is $27.99. You can find them all at

Disclosure: I received a complimentary Hot Wheels Nitro RC car to facilitate this review, but all opinions are my own. No monetary compensation has been received.

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  • Looks like a really fun toy that ZEN enjoyed. My brother use to collect Hot Wheels Cars as a kid – he has a case of it and I think we still have it at my parent’s house.

    • Yes, this car is lots of fun. Too cool that your brother still has his hot wheels. Some of them may be collectors items!

  • I laughed my socks off when I read that you can’t find it right now, Diane! That’s so funny! It looks like it would be better on a specific type of flooring too, maybe not so effective on carpet. What a great toy for a child though, and the carry case looks like a briliant idea!


  • Check out the ZenWheels iPhone Controlled Micro Car.

    It’s triple the price of the hot wheels, but dare I say it’s 10 times the fun!

    You can drive it on a tabletop and parallel park with it. Try doing that with the hot wheels or any other micro rc car. Impossible! Working running lights and horn and siren, and even has a racing system built into it with a micro autocross timing gate that communicates the lap time to the free iPhone App you used to remote control the car! So many features, and such a precise control of speed and steering. You’ll be doing a lot more than figure-8’s on the kitchen floor – you’ll be hooked!