How a Toothbrush Sparked A Bathroom Organization Frenzy

The other morning I got a good glimpse of my son’s toothbrush and noticed that the bristles were going every which way and that he needed a replacement.  I took a quick peek in my cabinet and saw that we had a spare toothbrush available, the only problem is that it was for kids ….. 5!  I also noticed that his Fluoride rinse was running low so I decided to take a quick trip to Wal-Mart to get him a new toothbrush and a new bottle of fluoride rinse.

Z.E.N. came along for the ride

We spotted these SpongeBob Squarepants Toothbrushes.

Colgate Spongebob toothbrushes at Walmart

Z.E.N. emphatically approved of these because SpongeBob is his favorite Nickelodeon cartoon character. As soon as he saw them, he had to have them!  I pickled up a few more items including some additional oral hygiene products and headed back home.

Here are some of the oral hygiene products I purchased.

oral hygiene products fluoride rinse floss picks

When I got home, I gathered up the items that needed to go in the bathroom and realized that I had nowhere to put them.  My medicine cabinet was full so I really couldn’t add anything to it, and the counter was just cluttered with stuff. You see, I’m a product junkie and I always want to try out a new lotion or a new shampoo.  Problem is, all this stuff takes up space!

My medicine cabinet

My cluttered bathroom vanity top

I couldn’t believe how disorganized the bathroom was.  I vowed to immediately remedy the situation.  I got to work and took everything out of the medicine cabinet.  I then reviewed each product to determine if (1) it was something that I still used and (2) the product was still good (i.e. not expired).

By doing this exercise, I discovered that I had products in there that I didn’t even realize I had.  In addition, I had products that I just no longer used.  I also got the opportunity to wipe down the shelves with antibacterial wipes.

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I wound up tossing a lot of stuff, which in turn freed up a lot of space.  I was able to move some of the stuff off of my counter and into the medicine cabinet.

This is all the stuff I threw out

ahh, clean vanity topLess cluttered medicine cabinet

After tackling the medicine cabinet, I tackled the cabinet under the sink, the cabinet drawers and the shower caddies.  You don’t even want to know what I found lurking in those places!

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  • We have a hallway closet where we keep most of our things since the bathroom isn’t really big and doesn’t have counter space. I just organized and got rid of a ton of stuff a couple of months back because I got tired of stuff falling whenever I would open the door. So far it has stayed pretty well kept.

  • I have always believed that if we allow our kids to choose their OWN products (that they NEED) it is so much easier to get them to do the necessary daily “job”. My lil one (6 yrs old) absolutely LOVES Spongebob too but when he decided Spiderman was cooler he actually didn’t want to use the Spongebob products anymore. Of course he used them (I am not THAT big of a pushover) but when the toothpaste & mouth rinse were empty a trip to Walmart made his day! His daily routine is now Spiderman – including bath! Oh and I don’t even want to touch on the topic of our cabinets in the bathroom only because I refuse to walk in there and actually see what mess awaits me there! HA!

    • Ha! My little one likes Spiderman too! In fact last year he had a Spiderman themed birthday party.

  • Ugh. Props to you but boo for me. I SO need to do this. It’s just….I don’t know. It’s one of those tasks that gets bumped further and further down the to-do list (although I don’t mean to!). Maybe this weekend.

    I have shoulder surgery coming up and I will be completely out of commission for weeks…so I need to get everything in order before then. (at least I keep telling myself that LOL)

    • Hope your surgery goes well and hope you get everything done that’s needs to be done before the surgery.

  • I wish my medicine cabinet was that big! Ours is only one door, so it’s FULL all the time! *sigh* and our sink counter is tiny! I cannot wait to move lol. I just don’t know when we’ll be moving. Hopefully soon!

  • My eldest boy LOVES SpongeBob SquarePants and my 2 year old LOVES Dora! Congratulations on cleaning out your medicine cabinet! Sometimes it’s SO hard to do and you need a little shove! 🙂

  • That is awesome! We don’t have a medicine cabinet and the cabinet under our sink is REALLY small so it’s hard to keep organized. 🙁 I use little totes but then it’s hard to get to everything.

  • We have a pretty small medicine cabinet so it will be getting replaced soon but our vanity is pretty roomy but i still have a few things left out on the sink which i hate so i need to do a little organizing.

    • The sink/countertop is always a hotspot for me. It always seems to get cluttered!

  • You don’t even want to know what is happening in my bathroom cabinets right now. I am leaving for Aruba tomorrow morning, but not without straightening out those cabinets. I can’t even tell what I can take with me! Love the organization.

How a Toothbrush Sparked A Bathroom Organization Frenzy

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