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How Walmart Is Empowering Women For Success

Why Empower Women?

Women have come a far way within the last 50 plus years. We see more women today enjoying employment opportunities in industries that a few years ago would have been simply unheard of. No longer are women confined to the home, or in some cases, certain fields or industries of work. Still, even with great strides in the right direction, it is still important that we continue empowering women in the 21st century. The harsh reality is that women still continue to struggle financially in these United States of America (USA) and all over the world. This struggle is particularly real in economically challenged nations. This is where the Empowering Women Together initiative by Walmart comes in.


What is the Empower Women Together Initiative?

More than just a commercial chain, Walmart is very much a corporate citizen of the world and is dedicated to improving the financial lives of women everywhere. With this vision at the fore, Walmart has dedicated the use of available resources to providing women worldwide with the opportunities they need to realize their dreams of entrepreneurial success. Through the initiative, dreams are becoming reality.

How Does the Initiative Work?

The Walmart Empower Women Together campaign – in conjunction with a Store For Good and a specially dedicated space on Walmart’s website ( – helps these women by connecting their businesses with others all over the USA. As such, these women-owned businesses become suppliers within their respective industries. This network helps these hard-working women to not only improve their own lives, but to improve the lives of those within their communities by providing much needed jobs and revenue. What makes the Empower Women Together campaign unique is that each supplier is either a woman-owned business or an aggregator/affiliate that is dedicated to supporting women-owned businesses.

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Catching the Vision

The aim of this initiative by Walmart goes beyond the business network and delves into true empowerment through education and training. Thus, through this initiative, Walmart is ensuring that these women are well trained. Walmart aims to empower close to 1 million women in this manner. Training will equip these women with the tools they need to not just work hard, but work smart and help move them along their path to entrepreneurial success. This training includes, job skills training, as well as career counseling and mentorship. These elements – training and networking – will go together to help make women ready to function within the workforce and maximize their successes.

To learn more about the initiative, please be sure to watch these videos:

Empowering Women Together: Gahaya Links and Full Circle Exchange:

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  • This is great information. I wasn’t aware of these types of things from Walmart. Good for them. I hope it encourages other companies to follow suit.

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  • I hadn’t heard of this program before, what a great initiative by Walmart! I know they face a lot of controversy, and this is the perfect way for them to show all of the good that they do!