The Importance Of National Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Special thanks to Skechers for sponsoring today’s post on breast cancer awareness.

October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. This month long campaign is designed to not only raise awareness of an important issue, but also to encourage education especially for those who could potentially be affected by it. The fight against breast cancer is ongoing and Breast Cancer Awareness Month hopes to help in any way possible.

Breast Cancer Awareness Quote - "With breast cancer, it's all about detection. You have to educate young women and encourage them to do everything they have to do." ---Bill Rancic

One of the most important aspects of breast cancer awareness is spreading vital education. For instance, early detection is extremely important to the process of treating breast cancer. The sooner a person knows, the better.  Some of the signs can be easy to miss, so it’s a good idea for all women to take monthly assessments. Look for any noticeable changes in the breasts such as how they feel or how they look. Also pay attention to the nipples, if they change noticeably or begin to leak strange discharge, that’s a big red flag. All women should conduct monthly breast self exams, which include looking for lumps, and women over a certain age should schedule regular mammograms.

I know the importance of getting regular mammograms.  Two years I went in for a routine mammogram.  After the scan was completed I was told to wait while they checked the results.  When they called me back into the room, I was told that they saw something on the scan that would require further evaluation.  What they actually saw were breast calcifications.  They scheduled a follow up 6 months later for a comparative scan, and to see if any changes had occurred. 

At the follow up visit, I was told that it there were no changes and that the calcifications were most likely benign.  However, they decided to err on the side of caution and put me on watch.  This required bi-annual mammograms for 2 years.  I was certainly not thrilled at the thought of having mammograms every six months, but it had to be done. 

I am happy to say that I had my last bi-annual mammogram in July.  I was given a clean bill of health and a reminder to keep coming back annually for regular mammograms.  Because of this health scare, I know the importance of getting regular mammograms.  Self exams are not enough because you cannot detect stuff like calcifications.  This is why I am happy to spread the word about National Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

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Extending this information as far and wide as possible is really at the heart of such awareness campaigns. Spreading awareness happens in many different and creative ways. For instance, Skechers Performance Division has teamed up with the American Cancer Society and created special Breast Cancer Awareness shoes. The line of shoes, simply called “Awareness,” is designed with a gray and pink color palette. Skechers sent me a pair of their GoRun Sprint Awareness Shoes to try out.  I have never worn Skechers shoes, but if they are good enough for Boston Marathon winner Meb Keflezighi, they are good enough for me. 

GoRun Sprint Awareness Shoes I have no plans of running any marathons, but I am keen on staying healthy and since they are super comfy they will be perfect for fitness walks. Check them out and maybe buy a pair to support the cause!

In addition, Skechers will be donating to the American Cancer Society and sponsoring the American Cancer Society San Francisco Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Walk. This great partnership will hopefully result in a significant change and inspire other companies to follow suit.

Another goal of Breast Cancer Awareness Month is raising funds for researching the cause of breast cancer, discovering new treatments, and hopefully finding a cure. Donations to breast cancer research funds go a long way toward minimizing the dangers of the disease. As technology advances, and with proper funding, scientists could be getting closer and closer to finding a way to completely eradicate the disease for good.

National Breast Cancer Awareness Month is a crucial campaign with amazing results. With more awareness comes more potential for change, and a bright ray of hope for the future.

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The Importance Of National Breast Cancer Awareness Month

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