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J is for Jumping – Urban Rebounder Folding Trampoline Workout System Review

urban rebounder trampolineDeciding which type of exercise equipment to put in your home can really be a difficult choice. Part of the reason for this is that so much home fitness equipment is really expensive. And since get the motivation to work out can be equally as difficult, it sometimes makes it hard to decide on what to buy. For me, I try to stick with lower cost equipment that offer a great fitness benefit at a lower price than other equipment.

I decided to get the Urban Rebounder folding trampoline workout system for my home. Not only was the price attractive, but it gives me a way to get fit inside the comfort of my home (I hate the gym). And when I get bored with my fitness DVD’s, it is a great change of pace for me.

If you have never used an indoor trampoline, you might be surprised at how toned you can get from using it. Jumping on a trampoline does wonders in strengthening your core, which of course results in better posture, coordination and balance.

Another feature of this trampoline exercise is the subtle, but effective muscle workout that occurs while bouncing.  It is not only a great workout for most muscle groups, but it also eliminates much of the joint stress on knees and ankles while working out caused by the jolt and shock of jogging, skipping rope, or other aerobic movements.

This particular mini trampoline comes with a DVD that has six different workouts that you can use with it, as well as a stabilizing bar. The cardio workout really left me breathless even though I regularly use a treadmill. I was even a little sore after the first day. And once you learn the workout routines, you can actually watch TV or a movie while getting in your workout. That is one of my favorite things about this trampoline.

A great thing about using an indoor trampoline like the Urban Rebounder folding trampoline workout system is that it is low impact. This means that you get a great workout without any joint pain or stress on the joints like you get with a treadmill or other equipment.

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As you can tell from the name, this mini trampoline actually folds up for storage. If you live in an apartment, then this is a welcome feature. However, you can leave it setup in your home gym if you prefer.

Assembly for this indoor trampoline workout system is pretty simple. There actually Z.E.N. on the trampolineis not a lot to put together. You just have to get the handle secured to the trampoline. Of course, you can leave it off if you do not intend to use it as part of your workout routine.  I had it installed at first, but decided to take it off.

The Urban Rebounder folding trampoline workout system does have a weight limit of 300 pounds. However, there is no age limit. Z.E.N., who is only 5 years old, loves to jump on this mini trampoline. And I have a friend who bought it as a weight control device for her teenager. Of course, any kids using it should be monitored for safety. Since jumping on it is actually fun, it is a great way to lose weight and get toned without feeling like you are working out.

Seems like a few celebrities have also jumped on the trampolining bandwagon.  A few years ago, P.Diddy was seen trampolining with members of the French trampoline team in the South of France;  Actress Sanaa Lathan recently revealed that she uses the trampoline to stay fit; and Bill Gates has a trampoline room in his house!

Have you ever jumped on a trampoline as part of your fitness routine?

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