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Keep Track of Your Kids Stuff with Mabel’s Labels Personalized Labels

Mabels Labels School bus icon

This is the actual order preview screen.

Last year when Z.E.N. was in Pre-K, he lost quite a few of his personal belongings, probably because I didn’t think to use personalized labels.  He lost several pairs of gloves, he lost his hat and even lost his snack bag. This year as he enters Kindergarten, one of my goals is to minimize the number of items that he loses. See he will be attending a private school and will be wearing a uniform. Uniforms are pretty pricey and I really can’t afford to have him losing any part of it.

I did a Google search for personalized labels and clothing labels for kids and was amazed at the sheer number of companies out there offering labels for kids. Luckily for me, I received an email from one of my contacts who casually mentioned that Mabel’s labels as a great place to order label’s from. I quickly contacted Mabel’s labels and was invited to review their Ultimate Back-To-School Combo.

The order process was very easy. I was able to select the color scheme, the name I wanted imprinted on the label (I used Z.E.N.’s full name) and whether or not I wanted to include a design. There were many designs to choose from but I decided to choose the school bus icon pictured above.

The labels arrived very quickly. They arrived in a really cute storage box, and upon inspection of the labels, I discovered how truly durable they are. I must confess that during the order process, I couldn’t help but wonder what was so special about these labels. I mean, so many companies offered them so what made this company stand out?

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mabels labels storage boxI can honestly say that the ease of ordering, the vast selection and the quality of the labels is what makes Mabel’s Labels special. When you stick one of these labels onto one of your child’s items, it’s there to stay and will stay put whether you wash the item in the washing machine, or dishwasher. In addition, They can be used to label just about anything. So far I have used them to label Z.E.N.’s school supplies. I used the skinny minis because they are the perfect size for pencils, scissors, etc… I have also labeled his uniform and shoes. I also plan on labeling his backpack, lunch box, water bottle, and winter jacket.

So if you have kids who are heading back to school, you should definitely think about purchasing personalized labels for kids stuff, and if you’re looking for real quality, you should definitely consider ordering them from Mabel’s Labels.

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