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Kids Learn To Care With The BK Crown Program

BK Crown Box Kids learn to care for the planet when they participate in the BK Crown Program. They will learn how they can help support charities that make a difference in many areas, like wildlife, the environment, and education.

The program works by donating a penny to designated charities each time a child enters a code from the food order, and selects his or her favorite type of charity.

The program is unique in that it does not ask for parents or kids to donate any money. All proceeds come from the one cent votes of kids who type in their codes from kids meals. They can select to support the Wildlife Conservation Society, the National Parks Conservation Association or one of two different education programs.

One education program supports funding for hundreds of classroom projects. The other provides fifty one thousand dollar college scholarships. All programs supported are based in the United States. Kids who participate also have an opportunity to learn more about the special projects that are funded.

Today parents find it difficult to support charities, when there are so many in need. The BK Crown Program offers them a way to narrow down the choices to a few very important ones. Because the projects are based in the U.S. families will feel a special connection that they might not feel when support worthy causes in other parts of the world.

Kids who learn to support worthy causes learn about how they can make a difference in the world. They are also more giving and less concerned about themselves as they grow older. Through the purchase of kids meals they can become involved and can feel as though they are really making a difference.

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When kids enter the web site to enter their codes and choose their favorite cause to support they will find many activities as well. There are plenty of educational links to visit, that explain more about each charity. There are also games to play related to the themes of each cause. Games that are fun encourage kids to log on and vote for their favorite charity and learn about them in a fun and engaging way.

Today’s kids meal menus offers a well-rounded variety. Each meal comes with fresh fruit and wholesome milk to encourage eating well balanced meals. Even small children can get involved in the program. This makes each visit and each kids meal purchased mean more than simply getting something to eat.

To learn more about Burger King and the BK Crown Program please visit them by following the links below:



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    • @ Nikki, @ Mami2jcn I agree with the both of your comments re: bonding. Growing up my family always ate together and had fun telling stories, jokes, re-enacting things that happened during our day. We really bonded and are a pretty tight knit family. I’m trying to do the same now with Phil and Z.E.N.

  • It’s important to have a fun mealtime experience so the family can bond.

    I’m entering on the rafflecopter with my FB username Mary Happymommy. Thanks.

  • Dinner time is probably the only time of day during the week where everyone can sit down together, and enjoy a meal without any distractions, so that’s the best time to find out what’s going on with everyone, and just enjoy each other’s company, talk, and laugh, and that helps to make good memories for them.

  • Because it can bring happy times and laughter. You need that now a days and it can set a good example for your children.

  • Hey there hunni! This is great, this will get young adults to do something useful instead of being dormant to life and care about something that has meaning. This is a great way to teach children the power or gratitude and understanding some purposes of life. Put into their future!!

    • I agree. It’s a great way to get children started with being charitable to others.

  • I work a lot of hours so I want our meal time to be enjoyable since I am not with my family.

  • Sometimes Dinner is the only time we can connect, everyone is running in different directions these days.

  • My mom was a single mom so dinner together was very important. It was the one time of the day we were all 3 together. I made sure I did the same with my 2 kids. It was important that we had time to talk and be together. It makes me very happy that my daughter is doing the same with my grandsons now.

  • Awesome giveaway!
    I did not know all about the BK Crown Kids Meals; I know my daughter saw one of their boxes recently and asked me about it. Um, me being uninformed, I told her it was just a waste of extra cardboard as with all happy meal boxes (I normally prefer bags, less waste).
    But after reading your post, I can now better respond, actually, I’m now encouraged to buy a BK Crown for my kids, I know the youngest will enjoy the online games and the chance to ‘donate’. Thank you! I would have been a clueless mother had I not read this all.
    Oh, and reading the comments, I agree w/ Doreen – Mealtime=family bonding time, always has been with us.

    • Not positive I answered the comment on blog post entry question well.
      I like meal times to be fun and open so that my kids are encouraged to come to the table at meal time. Its a place where we share things, discuss things, and laugh at things. Too many of my olders kids’ friends do not have family meal time, unless it’s a holiday; for my kids, something has to be seriously wrong if their Mom (me) does not eat with them, its unusual for them.

  • Mealtime is a great bonding time, and this brings some fun into it too.

  • It is important to have a fun mealtime experience because it builds happy childhood memories.

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  • i love being able to site down and just talk to my kids i love it!

    Google-Stephanie Jones

  • We eat most of our meals together at the table. It’s a great time to laugh, share our days, and bond as a family.

  • Have FUN!!! at dinnertime as a family can make memories that last a lifetime. I still remember laughing and having fun at dinnertime with my family.

  • A fun mealtime experience creates family bonding.

    janetfaye (at) gmail (dot) com

  • it your family is like mine its the only time you all can be together and have fun and talk about the day.

  • It’s really the only time that we have to talk so it’s good for us to spend that time together laughing and enjoying ourselves.

  • Having fun together makes spending time together as a family much more enjoyable! Thanks for the chance to win!
    gina.m.maddox (at) gmail (dot) com

  • Its the time when we all catch up on what’s going on with each other!

  • It is our time together with no tv, toys or other distractions to talk and catch up