Learn How To Display Christmas Cards For Maximum Effect

Christms card red lantern peaceYes I know it’s only October, but you can never be start too early when it comes to planning for Christmas.   One of the most treasured traditions of the holiday season is often the simple act of exchanging Christmas cards; however, all of those beautiful cards deserve to be displayed in a festive and attractive manner. One dilemma I have been faced with in the past is how to display Christmas cards.  We receive a ton of them, but I could never figure out a way to display them. While it can be tempting to just put them in a pile, there are so many more ways that these cards can be displayed and add to your Christmas décor.

If you are looking for ideas on how to display Christmas cards, it can be helpful to browse through holiday magazines and take a close look at the décor. Another place where you can find great ideas is on Pinterest.  I found some unique and creative ways to display my collection of Christmas cards on Pinterest. I wanted to share a few ideas with you here.

The easiest method of displaying cards of any type is to allocate a festive basket for this occasion. You can set the basket on an end table, coffee table or on a counter in the kitchen. The important thing is to place the basket where everyone can enjoy browsing through the colorful and festive greetings. Another simple method is to hang a colorful ribbon across a section of wall, a door opening, or even the top of a large mirror or window. Using colorful clips, cards can easily be attached as soon as you receive them. This can make for a beautiful display and adds a great deal of color and decoration to your holiday décor.

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Source: somedayilllearn.com via Diane Nassy on Pinterest

Some people like to frame door ways with the cards; they can be attached to a cord that has been mounted on the inside of the door frame. This is a great way to display cards in a doorway leading into the kitchen, living room, family room, or other common areas of the home. The cards frame the door and become part of your decorations as well as being a great source of conversation. Visitors will enjoy looking at your selection of cards and browsing through all the holiday greetings.

The important thing to keep in mind is that your Christmas card display can be a great decorative touch. Not only do they bring wishes for a happy holiday season, but they are often very attractive. The glitter and sparkle of these beautiful cards can be a great source of pleasure.

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  • I agree that anyone could never be start too early in Christmas planning. When I was still a kid, I looked forward to exchanging gifts and receiving Christmas cards. I treasured the Christmas cards with a silver dust and perfumed cover. I didn’t know that cards could serve as a decor too.

  • Oh, I’m with Stephen on this one too. I always make my Christmas cards, as I like to place a photograph on them. If it’s a seasonal picture I will place it on the front, if not I decorate the front and place it just inside. Christams can be a wonderful experience that starts as early as you want to start planning and preparing. Great ideas for diplaying the cards, Diane, they really do need some thought.


  • I’m not getting as many Christmas cards as I used to these days. I don’t know if it is because of the bad economy or the rise of electronic communication, or maybe I’m just not well-liked anymore! My mother used to string up Christmas cards along near the top of the wall in the living room. It looked festive but it was hard to see them up there. I like how in the photos above, they are more accessible.

Learn How To Display Christmas Cards For Maximum Effect

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