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Loving My Kindle 3G Wireless Reading Device

My kindle 3g

As a long-time lover of books and literature, my home has been moving towards something resembling a library, or perhaps a used book store for quite some time. Everywhere I look, my beloved books cover shelves, desk tops, counters, tables and really any unoccupied surface upon which they can be stacked. Further, what would be a nice spare bedroom is really nothing more than a storage space that has been taken over by boxes and boxes of books, because I simply do not have a place to display them. After years of accumulating books, I absolutely had to do something to lessen the burden of owning so many, and with this in mind, I started looking into the various electronic reading devices available on the market today.

There are many e-reading devices on the market. After conducting some research, I decided to purchase the Amazon Kindle 3G wireless reading device. The Kindle is a slim, lightweight and attractive electronic reader which features an exceptionally long battery life, and offers Wi-Fi + 3G connectivity. The Kindle has a clear display with crisp fonts and good sharp contrast, making it very easy to read, even in bright sunlight.

The Kindle 3G is the flagship of the Kindle product line, and has many advantages over competing releases by other companies. In particular, it’s slender profile and the fact that it is extremely lightweight makes traveling with the Kindle 3G a breeze. It takes up almost no space in luggage, fits comfortably in most purses or backpacks, and the long-lasting battery life negates the problems associated with previous product releases in regards to frequent recharging.

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Best of all, the Kindle 3G wireless reading device allows me to download and store thousands and thousands of books, a feat previously only made possible by filling my home with volume after volume. Today, my reading list is confined to my little Amazon kindle wireless reading device, and I can carry thousands of books and magazines with me everywhere I go in a small and easy-to-use electronic reader.

I should also note that there are a lot of free kindle books available, books that would otherwise, wind up costing me a lot if I had to actually purchase a print copy.

A detailed review of the Kindle 3G can be found here

To purchase a Kindle 3G visit

Do you own an e-book reader?  If so, which one?

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  • I don’t own one yet. I was considering getting an iPad. Do you think it would be necessary to have both or can the iPad do what the reader does and more? Any opinion?

    • No you don’t need both. If you get the iPad, you can just download the Kindle App for iPad. I want an iPad as well, and once I finally get one, I’ll be ditching the Kindle!

  • I just received an ipad as a gift. I’m loving it already. I can download attachments in emails and save my blogging ebooks and read any time.

      • I was really lucky and I don’t denied that 🙂 I was thinking about asking to spend the money if our tax check was decent and bills were all caught up.

        Hubs said I put up with a lot while this airplane purchase thing was going on (like 6 months). And he has 23/7 access to his work one.

        They are so versatile, I think everyone should have one and the price should go down. 🙂

        • Yeah, i think the price will go down eventually, so more people will be able to afford them.

  • I love my kindle too. Even my five year old is walking around the house going “Mommy I need an e-book (reader). I am a new follower from the Boost Your Blog giveaway. Visit my daughter and I at our blog, Says Me Says Mom ( where we talk about anything and everything.

  • I have a nook color and I love it. I debated long and hard about which one to get, and love it! My only problem is the glare I get in the sun and its a little heavier than i would like.

    • I was looking at the Nook as well, because I liked the idea of color, but hubby surprised me with a Kindle.

  • I own the WIFI version of the Kindle pictured now known as Kindle Keyboard – I love it! Its waaaay better than an iPad not just because its a fraction of the price- but you can read it in bright sun on a tropical beach – try doing that with an iPad or laptop!

    My only problem is my partner loves my Kindle too – so I might be buying another one for Xmas!

    • LOL! I’m thinking about upgrading to the Kindle Fire, but now sure if i’ll like the screen.