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M is for Mammogram

Calendar reminder mammogramNot too long ago, I turned forty. I know that forty is the age where some of the more invasive medical exams start for both men and women. With that said, at my last doctor’s appointment, my doctor gave me a prescription to go take a mammogram.

When I got home from the doctor, I tucked the prescription away in a drawer and kind of forgot about it. I was dreading the thought of going in for the mammogram. Weeks passed and I still did not make an appointment. That is until Philip found the prescription. He asked if I had forgotten about it. I said yes. He then encouraged me to go ahead and make the appointment, so I did. I went this past Thursday and must admit, it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. Yes, it was uncomfortable, but the benefits of taking this exam far outweigh the minor discomfort I felt when taking it.

Getting a mammogram is recommended for women who are forty years and above. Taking such a medical examination is very important among women. The screening should be done at least on annual basis. The annual test is recommended because tests show that they provide early detection of breast cancer that is curable. However, depending on an individual’s cancer risk or genetic history it may be advisable to begin scanning before the age of forty.

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  • I agree they are a bit scarey, and I am super sensitive so I walked out of there holding But I felt better knowing I had done that, now just to go and get another one-I will do it just not looking forward to hurting for 3 days (again I am more sensitive than most). Welcome to the 40’s club..I hear we are exclusive.

  • It’s weird to think – I only have 6 more years before I need to start this?? It always felt really far away – but thanks for the reminder that it’s not THAT far away…

  • One still has to have the money to do them. I’m trying to visit all the A-Z Challenge Blogs this month. My alphabet is at

  • This is so true. I have a friend who waited years to get hers. Once she was diagnosed she encouraged me to be more diligent to go in soon. It was sobering encouragement….

    I too am an ex-Park Slope/Crown Heights girl=)

    • Uh oh, fellow ex-Brooklynite in the house! With regards to mammograms, I guess the earlier you go makes a difference if there is a problem. Early detection and treatment is key.