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Make A Difference With Electronics Recycling

Going green and protecting the environment may be easy when it comes to the regular household items, but electronics recycling is a little tougher. Curbside recycling takes care of the usual stuff, you know – water bottles, milk jugs, and routine paper products. But finding a way to responsibly recycle electronics hasn’t been easy.

recycling old electronics

We have a couple of old computer monitors and keyboards which we no longer use.  We thought we could just put them out with the regular trash, but we were advised by our township that we couldn’t dispose of them with the regular trash. ,So, they’ve just been sitting in the garage taking up space because we really didn’t know what to do with them, but now that we’ve discovered the electronics recycling program available at Best Buy stores, we can finally properly dispose of them.

The frequent advances and changes in consumer electronic products makes proper recycling very important, and Best Buy strives to be responsible in terms of supporting consumer efforts to protect the environment, live efficiently, and go green. There may be a few exceptions depending upon the program details for your city or state and there may be a few limits on the amount of items that you may bring in, but I’m happy to report that the Best Buy electronics recycling program is free of charge to consumers. Best Buy can even help you locate alternate recycling options for the items that they do not accept as part of their electronics recycling program.

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Best Buy works with recyclers who follow good standards and guidelines, and this may ensure that your electronic items are disposed of properly. Using the Best Buy program for electronics disposal may keep your items from being dumped into local landfills or carelessly disposed of in other countries. Convenient recycling kiosks may make it easier than ever to recycle cables, toner cartridges, and rechargeable batteries, and Best Buy may become the one stop you need when it comes to your personal electronics recycling.

Do you recycle your old electronics? How do you recycle them?

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  • I have some electronics I need to recycle too. I need to figure out if the Best Buys in Canada also recycle electronics or not. If not there is Computers for Kids here that will take them.

  • I used to just throw them away but now i just hoard them in the garage until they do the yearly recycle in our town. I’ll definitely check out Best Buy next time.

  • Hey Diane. I’m visiting from Sverve. thanks for following me. I do recycle my electronics as well. Just across the street from where I live is a business that takes in old monitors, tvs and computers free of charge! Hope more people join in and take care of their electronics the right way!