Monitor Your Child’s Internet Usage With Circle With Disney

Circle With Disney is an Excellent Way to Monitor Internet Usage and Set Screen Time Limits

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If you’re a parent, then you already know how challenging it is to monitor your child’s internet and device usage. We all know we shouldn’t let kids access the internet without supervision. But, finding the right program that is not only effective, but that’s also easy for parents to use, can be tricky. Fortunately, I discovered Circle with Disney. It offers a great way to manage internet usage, and it’s easy to use, even for those parents who aren’t so tech-savvy.

As parents, we want to trust our kids, but let’s be honest, our kids are under tremendous pressure to get on their devices, even when they’re supposed to be doing chores or working on homework. As parents, we need an effective way to monitor what the kids are doing online. We also have to limit screen time. If I left it up to Z.E.N., he would be on his devices all day. This is where the Circle Device comes in.

What is Circle by Disney?

Circle by Disney is a device that will let parents not only manage internet usage, but they’ll also be able to limit screen time for children. The Circle is a small white box that you can plug into any outlet in your home. It allows you to connect to your home’s WiFi, and manage every device connected to your network, right from an app on your smartphone. You can also access the Circle using your laptop or desktop computer.


Circle With Disney

The Circle can monitor every family member’s online usage. From blocking websites to setting time limits, parents will have complete control over how their children use the internet, and their devices online. One of the nice features with Disney’s Circle is that it can track the time your kids spend on the internet. You can also use it to track your time. I spend many hours online when I’m working. I try to limit my time online on the weekends or when Z.E.N. is home from school, but I’m not always successful. Sometimes I jump online thinking I’m going to just send a quick email or watch a short video, then the next thing I know, an hour or two has gone by. With the ability to track your online time, you’ll be better able to manage both your time as well as your children’s.

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I am excited about the control that the Circle offers. I love that it can monitor the websites your child visits. It can also monitor your Smart TV and your child’s Xbox. It’s designed to provide the complete coverage you need to keep your family safe, and on track with their other responsibilities. The Circle by Disney can watch and filter everything that happens on your home’s network.

The Circle with Disney device does an excellent job of helping you keep track of how your kids use their online time while they are at home. But what about when they are away from home and connected to a different WiFi network? Fortunately, you can sign up for Circle Go, and your children’s devices will retain the same settings you set up any other Wi-Fi network they join.

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Monitor Your Child’s Internet Usage With Circle With Disney

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