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The Moonwalk New York City: Show Your Support To Fight Breast Cancer

In recent years, breast cancer has become a major cause of concern for women all over the world. According to latest data, it accounts for about 16% of all female cancers in the world. Moreover, women in developing countries are found to be more susceptible to this life-threatening disease. The only way to combat this disease is by spreading awareness among women and that is exactly what the Moonwalk aims to do.

The Moonwalk


Started in 1998 when 65 women covered 52.4 miles within 24 hours as part of a marathon, the Moonwalk is a fundraising event that aims at spreading awareness about breast cancer causes. Nina Barough, the force behind the Moonwalk and the immensely popular ‘Walk the Walk’, encouraged women to participate in the marathon in their bras to create awareness and raise money to treat breast cancer. Today, the event has become widely popular with sponsors like Playtex joining hands to make it successful.

What Sets the Moonwalk Apart


This movement is actively involved in raising funds and awareness in the society about breast cancer. A unique thing about this event is that it takes up projects that are not easily funded. It also supports research and organizes various activities to motivate people and further their understanding about breast cancer causes. Oh, and wearing decorated Maidenform bras while you walk is Walk the Walk’s unique trademark.

Date and Venue

The inaugural Moonwalk in America is slated to take place on July 20, 2013 in New York City. The event will start at around 8 pm, followed by various activities and a light dinner. Registration is online and depending on fitness levels, participants are recommended a 16 to 20 week training schedule.

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All participants receive a hat, T-shirt and a bra about a month in advance to decorate before the big event. Wearing bras at the walk is a special feature of the event and both girls and boys walk in their designed bras.

It’s a truly special event that combines charity with fun!

What are you waiting for?  Click here to sign up.

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